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  • HOGAR DE AMOR II: 6 boys
  • HOGAR DE AMOR III: 8 girls

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New addition to the family!

Today at 6pm, we - volunteers Molly and Melissa, and sister E. - picked up J. K. (5 years old) from the main baby home in Cochabamba. We requested his transfer a couple weeks ago since his little sister lives with us (one of the "triplets" of February 16).

J. K. and E. only lived together a few months before the mother abandoned J. K., and they don't have the same father, but it doesn't matter - we want them to be adopted together! And it's really ironic, because at least twice J. K. was supposed to come to Casa de Amor directly from his mother (on the street), apart from people requesting his transfer to us multiple times, but every time either she changed her mind or we were much too full.

To tell the truth, I knew him from the street and was a littttle nervous about his hyperactivity, and all the aggression he'd seen and experienced. So I find it quite ironic that God would send us his sister first so that, HELLO, we had no choice but to bring him here. =)

First sight of each other in 16 months (E. had just kissed him - she's a champion little kisser and yours truly taught her how!)

Saying bye to one of the caregivers

He had a rough start at CDA II, poor thing. I imagine he was pretty confused thanks to some odd things the social worker said as we left, and since he saw a picture the other home had of his mother.

Melissa let her heart be broken the first hour as she tried to comfort him in his sadness and confusion.

Hopefully he has a better day tomorrow and adjusts quickly! Kids are really resilient and I expect he'll be fine soon.

I told Molly and Melissa, we never know when receiving a baby if it's a two-for-one, or a three-for-one! Some might recall that we transferred siblings S. & A. over from the same baby home on March 2 & 3 so that they could be with their baby sister D., also one of the February 16 arrivals. And today while at Salomon Klein, they tried to pass off a one year old baby on us as an additional addition, yikes!

Other than a the little lost boy in December, this is CDA II's first new child in a long time. The kids there are really sweet and welcoming with new ones, so they'll have fun. I think this is also the first time ever they've had more boys than girls? It's been an even 6/6 since the last adoption from II in October.

I just realized that today I was in FIVE children's homes. All three of mine, plus a huge one for school age children run by the government (read: ridiculously overpopulated and few staff) and the biggest baby home here. That's heavy. That's somewhere around 300 children without the stability of a family and parents and pets and cousins and a home of their own to come back to when they're grown. And not much of a future for most of them. Lord, come quickly!!


karen (melissa's mom) said...

I so very proud of Melissa...showing J.K. love and helping him adjust. I am praying for him!

Katie said...

How awesome that the siblings can both be at CDA! I love the picture of them together. :) BTW, every time I see a picture of your E., I can't help thinking that she looks so much like one of the little girls I babysit for...And ironically, her name also starts with E!

Anonymous said...

It's actually been 2 years since i've seen JK- but it wasn't hard to recognize him- he is such a cute boy! I am so glad that JK can live at your home- and that he can get to know his sister-once again!

Gallo Pinto2 said...

Though I've not personally been to the large baby home you mentioned I've heard enough stories to know that my heart would break into a million pieces if I did enter that many babies, so few workers...

So now we have 40 kids again!!!

Gallo Pinto2 said...

oops I guess we're still at 39 since M is being adopted...