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Friday, June 26, 2009

toddler wearing help

A family from Texas is visiting us in a couple of weeks, and I would LOVE to find a good sling or carrier for my bigger babies.

Because while I consider this kind of babywearing heavenly...

I currently have 9 babies 11-24 months old who would adore it if I "wore" them while I worked, too.

But the slings I have don't work so well for older, ah-hem, chubby babies or toddlers. I'm thinking of something for the back or hip?

I've been looking at...

mei tai
mee up
ERGObaby carrier
maya slings
hip panda baby carrier
ring slings

...but they are PRICEY! It's nearly $200 for a kokopax back carrier, and many of these are around $100. And I know that everyone has their own preference. I'm not sure about spending that much for a carrier we {me and my babies} might not like, not to mention wasting my chance to get one to Bolivia. =)

Does anyone have a source for discount carriers? Or one they don't need anymore, perhaps?

I'd really appreciate your help. I need to decide this weekend so that it can arrive to the family in time for them to bring it to me.

Thanks in advance!


Robin said...

Hey Jennifer!
A friend of mine really loved her Ergo and she used it for her 6 month old and her 2 year old. I contacted Ergo about 6 months ago and they donated 5 to my new baby home.
They have great padding and I could have carried my 3.5 year old (35 pounds) fairly comfortably but she's just too tall for it. Would work for your smaller ones though.

Anonymous said...

Ergo for sure. You can carry a 5 year old in it comfortably. They are the best!

That would be great if they could donate you one! Otherwise, they are a bit pricey. has a "for sale or trade" and you can get used ones from there for decent prices.


(Just found your site and am enjoying learning about your hogar de amor!)

Anonymous said... mom's clients all swear by Mobywrap and it's supposed to hold newborns to toddlers. It's not as expensive as most. I bought one for a Taiwan friend who's having a baby in a couple weeks (don't know if you ever met Rebekah) and it looks like it'll work well. It was $40 and their website is if you want to check it out!