Current Child Count

  • HOGAR DE AMOR I: 11 babies
  • HOGAR DE AMOR II: 6 boys
  • HOGAR DE AMOR III: 8 girls

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Day #3

J. is our second to oldest girl and child at Casa de Amor! Just a few days ago she celebrated her 12th birthday. This year she is in 6th grade and has many friends at school. She loves going to church and enjoys reading her Bible. Her sweet personality makes her a great influence on the other children! ‪#‎20k20days‬
If you'd like to make a one-time donation toward her care or become one of her monthly sponsors, you can do so at this link:, or email Denise our child sponsorship coordinator at

Day #2

Many of you already know this little boy, but for our new followers, I’d like to introduce you to B.! He is 7 years old and has lived with us since he was a baby. This year he is in second grade and is learning how to read. He has some physical challenges that have made life a little more difficult for him, but he is overcoming these challenges every day. He is rarely seen without a smile! 

If you’d like to make a one-time donation toward his care or become one of his monthly sponsors, you can do so at this link: or email our child sponsorship coordinator at

Day #1

Today we would like to introduce you to our first child of our ‪#‎20k20days‬campaign! It is our first "Surgery Saturday," and many of you are already familiar with this little boy, C. He had open heart surgery on August 3rd and has made an amazing recovery! You would never know all that he has been through in his short life. He came to us at 6 months old with a heart murmur, but about a year ago we were told that the hole hadn't closed and instead had grown larger which required open heart surgery to close it. He started pre-school this year but is having to take some time off due to his recovery. He can't wait to go back! #20k20days
If you'd like to make a one-time donation toward his care or become one of his monthly sponsors, you can do so at this link:, or email our child sponsorship coordinator at

Friday, September 4, 2015


He is like a tree planted by water, that sends out its roots by the stream, and does not fear when heat comes, for its leaves remain green, and is not anxious in the year of drought, for it does not cease to bear fruit.” Jeremiah17:8

In June, a wonderful team of volunteers from Orphan World Relief came to Bolivia and painted the dining room of our Boy’s Home. The bright yellow color has given life to the dining room, and makes the room feel like a home. Several of our current volunteers are very artistic, and worked together to paint a tree with hundreds of leaves. The children watched as the volunteers painted, and begged to join in painting.

As the leaves were painted, we spent time praying, and thinking about all of the people that have been involved in the children’s lives. Between mission teams, previous volunteers, child sponsors, and the many people that have prayed for the children – hundreds of people play a role in the children’s lives. An analogy began to form about the leaves on the trees, and the people the Lord has put in the life of Casa de Amor.

Over the last few months, due to surgeries, hospitalization, government mandated pay increases/ bonuses, Casa de Amor has experienced a time of trusting the Lord in our finances like never before. He has always been faithful to provide, and He has used many of YOU to do that.
We would like this mural to be a tree of remembering the Lord’s faithfulness in a tangible way. During the month of September, we  would like to memorialize the Lord’s provision by “selling” the leaves, branches, and trunk of the tree. We are so thankful for your generosity to Casa de Amor, and we would love for the children to tangibly see how many people love them.

By “buying” a leaf, branch, or trunk, you will be providing for the operating costs of Casa de Amor such as rent for the children’s homes, staff salaries, and daily necessities.  Leaves will be sold for $100, branches will be sold for $500, and the tree trunk will be sold for $5,000. Donations can be made on PayPal or by check, and we will then paint the name of the donor in the leaf, branch, or trunk. If you would like to make a donation on behalf of someone else, or as a church group, that is also a possibility. Mail a check to GOAL PO Box 357 Collierville, TN 38027.  Or click here for the link to PayPal

Our goal is to raise $20,000 in the next 20 days. We know that the Lord is faithful to provide, and are excited to see how He will work. Each day for the next 20 days, we will post a photo and update on one of our children with a link to donate. Please feel free to share these updates with friends and family, and check back here often for the latest updates! We will also be using the hashtag #20k20days !

We serve a great, powerful, and loving God, and are so thankful for everyone of you – your generosity, prayer, and love for the children of Casa de Amor. Please join us in praying and sharing about how God is at work in Bolivia!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Sharing Our Heart

For those of you who have been following our financial situation, we scraped up enough money to pay the staff their portion of the July salaries on time. We still have a few more days to pay the social security portion and taxes that are required.  To do this we still need another $5000 just to finish paying July's salaries.  Ideally we would be able to pay August's by the end of the month and get back on track (this requires an additional $15,000 by the end of the month).  God has been so faithful in always providing what we need and we know He will not fail this time.  Will you please pray with us for support and creative ideas this month.  If you like to keep up to date on how to pray, we will keep the thermometer updated with the current giving for August on our website  We would so appreciate any help you can give!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Happy Bolivian Independence Day

On August 6, 1825 Bolivian gained its independence from Spain.  Today celebrates the country's 190th anniversary and it is quite a celebration down here!  All week there have been stands on many corners selling Bolivian flags and other items with Bolivian colors.  Many of the public transportation vehicles have been decorated and houses even have flags hanging on them.
Yesterday all of the kids were out of school because many of them were marching in parades.  They do this a couple of times a year and it is quite a sight!  I don't think I have ever seen so many people in one place in my life!  It reminded me of New Year's Eve in Times Square!  I was at one of the biggest parades downtown with J and one of the Bolivian staff.  It was an adventure I won't soon forget!  

Here are a couple of pictures of J walking in the parade. 

J with Tia Sarin after the parade!
One of our oldest boys, E,  also got to march in a parade yesterday.  Unfortunately because of the timing, I wasn't able to get there to take any pictures of him.  He got to carry a flag in the parade because he is one of the best students in his class!!  I was so disappointed that I couldn't get there to take any pictures.  I'm sure he looked so handsome marching in his uniform and proudly carrying the Bolivian flag!  We are all very proud of him and how well he is doing in school!

Happy Independence Day from Bolivia!!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Update on Our Tough Little Monkey!

Hannah snuck a picture of K today when the nurses stepped out of the room!!  He is doing great!!  He was having a really hard time yesterday being all alone, but was in much better spirits today.  They have removed most of the tubes and he is even able to play a little today!  We are hoping that he can be released from ICU tomorrow!  Thanks for all of the prayers!!!  God is answering!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Successful Surgery

Here is K immediately after surgery. He is stable and doing well. He will stay sedated most of the day and will remain in ICU for a few days with only short visits. Thank you so much for all of your prayers! One of our volunteers got to be in the surgery the whole time and got to listen to his heart when they were finished (she is a med student) and says there is no more murmur!!!! We are praising God for his faithfulness!!

Out of Surgery

K (or C), depending on which spelling of his name you look at, is out of surgery.  We will let you know more and post some pictures as soon as we know more and someone can visit!!  Thank you for praying!!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Waiting for Surgery

As I type, I am currently sitting on a hospital bed with the sweetest little 4 year old boy I have ever met. K is VERY happily playing on Kirsten's iPad driving cars, building with virtual Legos, and playing peek-a-boo with animals! I know I'm a horrible babysitter, but there's only so much you can do after 4 full days in a hospital room with a seemingly, perfectly healthy little boy. To look at him and play with him, you wouldn't know that anything is wrong. But tomorrow morning (hopefully) K will have open heart surgery to repair 2 holes in the ventricular septum of his heart. This surgery was supposed to happen on Friday (as many of you already know), but it was delayed because there weren't any beds in ICU for him to go to after it was completed. We are really hoping it can happen this time. We are all getting a little tired of being cooped up in a small hospital room (especially K). He is being such a trooper though. He is happy and playing with his toys and always ready with a hug!!
The hospital where K will have his surgery.
Yesterday I was greeted by him running down this ramp with open arms! He brings such joy to all of us at Casa de Amor!! Please join us in praying for him over the next several days that his surgery would be a complete success and that his recovery will be quick and with as little pain as possible. Pray for peace for his sweet spirit as well. He is a very sensitive little guy and is a bit nervous about tomorrow. Thanks for your partnership with him! We will post an update as soon as we have one!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Surgery Update

Surgery Postponed :(

Thank you all for praying for us and the surgeries this month.  Unfortunately, I's surgery had to be postponed because he caught a cold and was running a fever the day he was supposed to have his.  It has been postponed until October, but we are praying that it will be able to happen sooner than that.  We received all of the money we needed for his surgery, so we will save that for whenever it actually happens!!  Thank you so much for your donations this month!

K's heart surgery is still scheduled for later this week.  He goes into the hospital on Wednesday, but the surgery isn't until Thursday or Friday.  We will keep you updated on how that goes!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Urgent Need

Baby I waiting to have surgery to repair his cleft lip this coming week (we think).

We have an urgent need of $20,000 by the end of July!  The summer has been a little slow with funds coming in and we need money for salaries and 2 surgeries that are coming up soon.  We will keep you updated on how this is going with a thermometer like this one on the webpage (  Thank you so much for any help you can give.  To donate, click Here.