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  • HOGAR DE AMOR I: 11 babies
  • HOGAR DE AMOR II: 6 boys
  • HOGAR DE AMOR III: 8 girls

Monday, August 3, 2015

Successful Surgery

Here is K immediately after surgery. He is stable and doing well. He will stay sedated most of the day and will remain in ICU for a few days with only short visits. Thank you so much for all of your prayers! One of our volunteers got to be in the surgery the whole time and got to listen to his heart when they were finished (she is a med student) and says there is no more murmur!!!! We are praising God for his faithfulness!!

Out of Surgery

K (or C), depending on which spelling of his name you look at, is out of surgery.  We will let you know more and post some pictures as soon as we know more and someone can visit!!  Thank you for praying!!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Waiting for Surgery

As I type, I am currently sitting on a hospital bed with the sweetest little 4 year old boy I have ever met. K is VERY happily playing on Kirsten's iPad driving cars, building with virtual Legos, and playing peek-a-boo with animals! I know I'm a horrible babysitter, but there's only so much you can do after 4 full days in a hospital room with a seemingly, perfectly healthy little boy. To look at him and play with him, you wouldn't know that anything is wrong. But tomorrow morning (hopefully) K will have open heart surgery to repair 2 holes in the ventricular septum of his heart. This surgery was supposed to happen on Friday (as many of you already know), but it was delayed because there weren't any beds in ICU for him to go to after it was completed. We are really hoping it can happen this time. We are all getting a little tired of being cooped up in a small hospital room (especially K). He is being such a trooper though. He is happy and playing with his toys and always ready with a hug!!
The hospital where K will have his surgery.
Yesterday I was greeted by him running down this ramp with open arms! He brings such joy to all of us at Casa de Amor!! Please join us in praying for him over the next several days that his surgery would be a complete success and that his recovery will be quick and with as little pain as possible. Pray for peace for his sweet spirit as well. He is a very sensitive little guy and is a bit nervous about tomorrow. Thanks for your partnership with him! We will post an update as soon as we have one!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Surgery Update

Surgery Postponed :(

Thank you all for praying for us and the surgeries this month.  Unfortunately, I's surgery had to be postponed because he caught a cold and was running a fever the day he was supposed to have his.  It has been postponed until October, but we are praying that it will be able to happen sooner than that.  We received all of the money we needed for his surgery, so we will save that for whenever it actually happens!!  Thank you so much for your donations this month!

K's heart surgery is still scheduled for later this week.  He goes into the hospital on Wednesday, but the surgery isn't until Thursday or Friday.  We will keep you updated on how that goes!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Urgent Need

Baby I waiting to have surgery to repair his cleft lip this coming week (we think).

We have an urgent need of $20,000 by the end of July!  The summer has been a little slow with funds coming in and we need money for salaries and 2 surgeries that are coming up soon.  We will keep you updated on how this is going with a thermometer like this one on the webpage (  Thank you so much for any help you can give.  To donate, click Here.

Friday, December 12, 2014

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Global Orphan Assistance League (Casa de Amor)


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Happy 10th Anniversary!!!

On December 3, 2004, we received our first baby, a 12 month old boy from a jail/street life! He now lives with his loving parents and sister in Italy (I visited him last year!), but he launched the adventure that continues today.

Special thanks to VivaBolivia for the grant to print our invitations and a little gift (below)!

Our calendar bookmarks! (Reverse side lists the requirements for Bolivian adoption.)

This week has been full of anniversary preparations and activities to celebrate the milestone! On December 3rd, we were blessed to be able to celebrate in government facilities downtown on our pretty main plaza. Here are a few pictures of that morning!

Getting set up (my four kids!)

Sophia socializing with some of CDA's babies

Seven years in a row of nativity pictures featuring a "baby Jesus" and our kids! 

TEN years of group pictures, beginning with our first arrival (start at top left corner and go left to right)

Display of hand prints of our current children

With permission from the mother, pictures of twin boys we cared for until their mother was more stable

Also with permission, pictures of the famous "triplets of gold" (as the press called them) that we cared for 13 months, until they went to live with their mother and doting godparents

 Display of the different areas of work of Casa de Amor Children's Homes

Speakers: Dra. Patricia Gisbert of Child Defense, Dr. Freddy San Millan (Director of SEDEGES), Jennifer Beaty (Founder/Director Casa de Amor), Celia Jordan (President of Bolivian Adoptive Parents Association), Maria Medina (CDA Health Coordinator)
Our administrator/social worker Rosa Sarzuri was the Master of Ceremonies

Lots of press came!!

 Not very far into the program, it was standing room only. I estimate nearly 100 people (many of those children) were present!

David, our accountant, presenting Jennifer with a very thoughtful gift, a plaque commemorating 10 years of service to Bolivia's children!

Maybe after another 10 years, everyone will know how to spell my last name (at which point, it will be officially Beaty and they'll have to start over learning, ha)...

Milling about for a long time after the event, catching up with new and old friends

It was a wonderful reunion of past children of our homes. So fun to see them all again!

Two mischievous girls (both in local adoptive families now)

The twin boys (so big!) and their mother (thanks for the picture, Hannah!)

The triplets on the front row with their mother

Jennifer with the triplets, all grown up (thanks, Carla Booher, for the picture!)

The next morning, Rosa and Jennifer got up early and went to a TV interview to share more about our work. As nerve-wracking as it was to sit down under those bright lights with cameras rolling and a well-dressed journalist, we had a great time! We might head back soon for a one hour long interview.

Many, MANY thanks to all of our faithful supporters who have made these ten years not only possible but so wonderful!!

Links to other blog posts and great pictures of our 10th anniversary celebration:


The Booher Family

Monday, July 28, 2014

Baby E post-op!

Baby E is home since Friday and doing well!! He has had his moments of not sleeping well and being in pain, but overall he is doing better and his cough is going away.

Thanks again to everyone who made this possible!

I'm grateful to our volunteer Hannah for caring for him at night since he was released from the hospital!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Reflux Surgery Update

As I wrote in this post, baby E has been diagnosed with severe reflux and needed surgery urgently. He entered the OR at 8:10 yesterday morning and the surgeon came out with a report at 10:50am. The surgery went well!

E was sent to a room at 3:30pm and slept alright last night, but this morning was in a lot of pain again.

He must be doing pretty well, because even though the surgeon said he thought he would be hospitalized 3 days, he might be released tomorrow, Friday!

Thanks so much to everyone who is praying...and giving!

The current donation count stands at $2,114, from 10 donors living in 4 different countries (US, UK, NZ, and Denmark).

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Surgery. (Yes, another one!)

Thankfully our sweet baby D is doing marvelously after open heart surgery in May!

 Here are a couple recent pictures:

We're in the thick of surgery prep again though, this time for baby E (10 1/2 months). Since his arrival in February, he gets sick, then sicker. After many tests and a hospital stay, he comes home - sick. Then he gets sicker. And sicker! Back to the hospital, home sick. Repeat!

 A rare smile!

He has been diagnosed with several different infections this year, but mainly develops respiratory infections. Cold and cough type viruses are very common both in Cochabamba (3rd most polluted city in South America) and the Baby Home (the babies and staff pass colds around), but E seemed to have trouble to an unusual extent.

It has been so frustrating for our staff and volunteers doing their best, around the clock, to help this baby, and see him still suffering!

The "pre-haircut E"!

Finally, after numerous visits to many doctors, including two of the best pediatricians in town, a special study was done and E was diagnosed with severe acid reflux. He doesn't throw up to a large degree, but it's almost worse that he doesn't! The milk we give him goes back into his right lung every time he eats.

Earlier this month, we were told that he needed the surgery as soon as he was somewhat well again, preferably within a month's time. At that point he was receiving IV meds for pneumonia every 12 hours and STILL not improving. Finally, it just became too urgent, as his esophagus is compromised due to the terrible reflux.

Baby E. will be admitted to the best clinic in our city TOMORROW morning, Wednesday, July 24, and operated on an hour later.

Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, for peace and comfort for baby E., compassion and patience for those staying with him night and day, and for the rest of the funds to come in!!

Maria, our health coordinator, has estimated needing $3,000 to cover the surgery, even with the surgeon donating his time. Since posting the need on our Facebook page, $875 has come in through 3 donors (sending from Denmark, Ireland, and the US) via paypal. That's a great start but we need more!

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Creative Donors

In 2002, the dream of Casa de Amor began from my family's Christmas card list - perhaps 100 names.

Now, nearly 10 years after receiving our first child, Casa de Amor is blessed with friends far and wide!

Some of our biggest cheerleaders are former volunteers who have seen and experienced our ministry in Bolivia firsthand. (Most of baby D's heart surgery donors were former volunteers, as I mentioned I this post.)

Friends Savannah and Kristin of Nashville, Tennessee, have set up a neighborhood glass recycling program that funnels donations to our children. See the website of ¡Muchas Glassias! for more information and Savannah's wonderful pictures. Their regular donations have provided everything from a refrigerator for the new girl's home to Christmas baskets for our staff.

My parents are also pretty awesome cheerleaders! They met Josh and April Samuels at their church. The Samuels have begun ellajude, a beautiful line of handcrafted jewelry. A percentage of their profits blesses Casa de Amor Children's Homes. Their first two donations have come at crucial times of need for us!

On behalf of our staff and children, thank you so much to these very creative supporters!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Successful Surgery!!!!!

We have been supremely blessed with generous financial gifts, an excellent surgeon, and timely visits by dedicated medical volunteers.
The reward is that this sweet baby...
...has a fully repaired heart!!
According to the surgeon, this was his first and LAST open heart surgery. Yay!!!
THANK YOU to everyone who has prayed, given, and volunteered by D's bedside.
Elizabeth, a nursing student from Texas, has been here for nearly 3 weeks pouring her life into baby D's. Read her wonderful blog updates here
Katrina from the Canada, US, and Bolivia (she lived here for 10 years as a missionary kid), spent much of her recent two week visit assisting with D and other medically related errands at Casa de Amor.
Melanie, a pediatric CVICU nurse from Texas, will be here in a few days to take up the baton!
The Booher family from Oregon, our enthusiastic Casa de Amor IV family, will take care of D once he is released from the hospital during this critical post-op recovery period.
Casa de Amor is so blessed!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

We have a surgery date!!!


Actually, a new surgery date.

It was heartbreaking to get so close to D’s original admittal for surgery (May 7) and have him get sick—very sick—only 3 days before. Instead of surgery, he was re-admitted to the private pediatric hospital with a respiratory infection and coronary heart disease.

We bailed him out one week later with a nasty cough and more meds, but he’s been doing very well under Elizabeth (and now Katrina Culmer’s) diligent care.

In fact, many different people have taken turns caring for baby D around the clock the past several months, often in total isolation from the other babies.

(If I’m forgetting anyone, let me know!)

Tia Maria has also given her all these past months.

Thanks to some great teamwork from Elizabeth, Katrina, and our favorite pediatrician, our new surgery date is May 22, with hospital admittance on May 19.


·        Prayer Support! We’re going to be nervous until he’s admitted. The city is full of viruses right now and it’s hard to stay free of them.

·        Financial Support! We have all the money we need for the surgery deposit (praise the Lord!), but need a cushion for medications, post-op tests, consultations, etc. Our current health funds are depleted after 3 months of constant illness. If 10 more people gave $100 each, we would be in a much better position as we move forward.

·        Local friends: take a turn! We have never had an inpatient at Clinica Belga (the heart hospital) and have learned that someone must be with our little patient around the clock. Our current volunteers have busy days (and nights) and our staff is fully occupied with all of our other babies. I will be creating a schedule soon - please write or comment here if you can help!! 

For those of you who have been waiting for information on donating blood, we think that’s taken care of for now! The doctors have changed their minds and say we only need 1 or 2 donors. We can easily reach that goal amongst our staff. More helpful at this point would be volunteers to stay at Daniel’s bedside before and after the surgery.

Thank you for your prayers and support! We are nearing the goal of a healthy baby! :)

Monday, May 5, 2014

Baby D is Sick.

As we count down the days to admission (2) and heart surgery (4), baby D has gotten sick again.

Yesterday he woke up with discharge clouding his eyes, and as the volunteer and I talked about him, he coughing hoarsely.

Oh, the disappointment! This morning I sensed defeat in the voice of Maria, our over-worked health coordinator. The doctor gave him three medications and ordered lab work.

Maria has been unable to reach the heart surgeon to learn what happens now.

Please pray for God's perfect timing in all of this!!!

In other news, I just did a fresh tally of the finances that have come in specifically for this surgery.

Some interesting stats about the donations:

  • ELEVEN separate donors (some have given multiple times)
  • SIX different countries: US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, and United Kingdom
  • EIGHT donors are former volunteers, and ONE donor will volunteer later this year
  • Average donation amount per donor: $400! 

Our current total (minus paypal fees) is approximately $4350. Our original goal was $4000, readjusted to $6000 to allow for more heart exams, lab work, post-op medication and consultations, and any other complications needing immediate funds.

Thank you to everyone who has given so sacrificially! I hope to report back with good news SOON.