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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August 2016 News!

If you are on our mailing list, you will receive this letter very soon. Until then - and for the the rest of you - some good news below!!

August 2, 2016
Dear Supporters,
This letter brings much better news than what I had to share 6 weeks ago! The biggest news first!
In July, all the closing papers had been signed. All the transfer requests for the 30 children were being processed. The house owners were notified. I had written you, our supporters.
Then, at the LAST MINUTE, a Christian Bolivian friend who is fluent in English and teaches Spanish and Bolivian culture to foreigners, met with our Bolivian administrative staff. She was very impressed with what she saw, and to our great surprise asked if she could take over the ministry, along with her board. For two weeks, a flurry of phone calls, emails, and consulting took place in both countries. The local administration was all for it, but I was counseled to let the closure continue. So many details to consider, and so little time! But the thought of Casa de Amor continuing its ministry AND the kids and childcare staff getting to stay motivated everyone to consider the many details and make a good decision.
To make a long story short, on the evening of July 25, papers were signed and Maria Eugenia (“Mauge”) Ureña became the new director and legal representative of the organization “Hogares de Amor para Niños” (Spanish for “Homes of Love for Children”). Savannah Sielbeck from Tennessee, a regular volunteer and supporter, and long time friend of Mauge’s, also has a role in the new administration. 
How Casa de Amor is the same:
  • The organization “Hogares de Amor para Niños” still exists in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
  • 15 of the children are still in CDA’s care (of the other 15: 5 older children had already been transferred to a family-style home, 4 were adopted, and 6 little ones entered a program that ensures adoptions)
  • Almost all of the staff we hired remain.
  • The children will live in our biggest house until year’s end.

How Casa de Amor has changed:

  • In English, the home will now be known as “The Sunshine House”
  • I (Jennifer) will no longer be involved in day-to-day finances, decisions of the home, or communication. My family needs me in this season of life!
  • Our Bolivian board of directors has resigned and the GOAL board will also cease
  • Rosa, our local director and my “right hand” since Day One in 2004, and David, our administrator (a valued employee since 2009), have resigned so that Mauge and board can take over at lower costs.
  • Our US based non-profit “GOAL” will no longer process donations. If you desire to continue supporting this vital ministry to the children of Bolivia, please see the important information below.

This sudden change of events had several immediate positive effects.
Of course it was exciting that the rest of the children, staff, and vehicle could all stay! But after months of financial stress, we also needed less money because we did not feel the full weight of the closing costs, such as paying 3 months salary to the staff who hadn’t resigned by the last day of work.
Several times in the last letter, I emphasized our desire to finish strong with a good testimony. Thanks to the generosity of many amazing supporters and the transition just explained, that’s exactly what happened. We met our obligations with the staff according to a strict employee law, and paid everyone what they were owed. It was shocking last week to get to say on the blog, “Okay, we’re good!!” Be assured that the funds which arrived over our immediate needs will now go towards care of children—a much better prospect than closing costs!
The new administration has excitedly jumped in, grateful for meticulous book-keeping, properly kept files, esteemed reputation in social services, and a well-organized structure from which to operate.
Let’s pray for their success, for God’s glory, and the children’s complete well-being!
Thank you to all who gave so quickly and generously to meet the urgent need. 

Dios Les Bendiga! It’s been an amazing ride!

Jennifer Beaty (Thompson) Founder
Casa de Amor Children’s Homes
Cochabamba, Bolivia

Over the 11 1/2 years that Rosa and I administrated the homes, we had 167 children officially enter CDA and around 30 temporary stays. Of these children, 74 were adopted, and 86 returned to their  families. What an exciting time! We both feel so blessed to have been a part of something big in the lives of children in need!! 

IMPORTANT CHANGE! To continue giving to the ministry in Cochabamba, Bolivia,
please make out your tax deductible check to
“Sunshine House Bolivia” and send to :

Sunshine House Admin, 1204 Grandview Drive, Nashville, TN 37215, USA  

WEBSITE: * PHONE: 615-351-7009 *


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