Current Child Count

  • HOGAR DE AMOR I: 11 babies
  • HOGAR DE AMOR II: 6 boys
  • HOGAR DE AMOR III: 8 girls

Thursday, February 28, 2013

First babies of the year!

We’ve been blessed with two beautiful baby girls this last week of February.

First came A, and she has now gone to live at CDA IV with the Booher family! I’m sure they’ll have a blog post up on her soon and I’ll link here.

What we know of A’s story, from her sponsorship packet:

Casa de Amor staff and volunteers regularly visit Cochabamba’s Pediatric Nutrition Center. At one point in our visits last year, we were shown to a gorgeous baby girl who was abandoned. We agreed to bring her home to Casa de Amor when she had recuperated enough to leave the hospital.

After months of repeated illnesses and hospitalizations, A finally arrived! According to her social report, the baby was found in a trash can. According to the police who picked her up, she must have been born only minutes prior, as she was still attached to a long umbilical cord and still had birthing fluids on her little body. The doctor who checked her over declared her healthy, so until it was decided what to do with the baby, she was sent to the nutritional center to gain weight.

With nothing new to go off in A’s background, Casa de Amor will process papers to so that she will eventually have her forever adoptive family!

Then today, a tiny little "package" arrived to our doorstep!


V’s story, from her sponsorship packet:

On Saturday afternoon, February 23, a woman was tending her elderly father’s fields with her children, clearing brush. Around 5pm they were preparing to leave when they detected the sound of a baby crying. Upon further investigation, they found blood...and then a newborn! The baby girl was naked and dirty, already covered in dirt and ants as she lay amongst thorn bushes. Her little body was cold, so after wrapping her in her own jacket, the woman ran her to the nearest hospital. There the baby was discovered to have signs of an infection and hypothermia.

After a few days, the baby was declared stable and ready for a home. Casa de Amor was contacted and sweet baby V (named by hospital staff) arrived. As I changed her diaper before weighing her, I discovered the remains of her umbilical cord stump, just off!

We will soon take V to the doctor and do further exams. For now she seems healthy and weighs a light 3.1 kilos (barely 7 pounds).

If we cannot track down V’s birth mother, even with her abandonment coming out on the news, Casa de Amor will process papers to so that she will eventually have her forever adoptive family!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

First Birthday x 2!

We had a nice time yesterday celebrating two first birthdays at the Baby Home!

E and S turned one within two days of each other so we decided to celebrate all at once

S has been with us since brand new (he actually arrived the same day we were celebrating two birthdays at once).

E joined us just two months ago! He will have his second surgery, this time to repair a cleft palate, on February 22.
Our next-to-youngest baby, little C!
I wanted to post several more cute pictures of the other kids, but I've struggled for two days now to get any more pictures to upload and blogger refuses. Will try again next week! :)