Current Child Count

  • HOGAR DE AMOR I: 11 babies
  • HOGAR DE AMOR II: 6 boys
  • HOGAR DE AMOR III: 8 girls

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Water Fights!

Every year in Bolivia, the city celebrates carnival, and the entire city becomes a water war zone. Children and adults alike throw water balloons from passing cars, spray neighbors with mega size water guns, and look for anyway possible to get wet! 

The kids at Casa de Amor look forward to this time of year that they can escape from the heat, and participate in water fights from the safety of their own yard. This year the volunteers were good sports and played with the kids and Tia's until they were soaked! 

They ran out of water balloons, but buckets of water were more effective anyway. :) 

Back to School!

As of February 1st, the oldest 15 children from Casa de Amor are back to school! 

We are so thankful for the generosity of many people in providing school supplies, uniforms, and backpacks for the kids. Many of our kids struggle academically, so providing them with what they need at the beginning of the year is vital. They are able to start the school-year with a fresh start, feeling prepared and well- cared for!

Our three youngest girls... Be praying for their teacher!:)

First day of school ever for these four! Looking nervous....

M. Is looking so grown up!

First day of Middle School! 


All 15 kids...with differing levels of excitement for their first day of school!