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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Urgent Needs - Update and Thank You!!

Yesterday was an exciting day of tallying the checks that have just arrived! This is the most amazing week we have had since 2015 end-of-year giving. THANK YOU everyone for your generosity!! We were also touched by the encouraging, uplifting notes that are arriving with the donations. I haven't seen these people (many from Texas) in several years or even more, but they are responding generously to needs.

Here is an update:

The June letter explained that we need $40,000 by the end of July AND for our mini-bus to sell.

The bus has been taken to market a couple of times but there has not been an adequate offer, so this is still in process.

However, as of this last wonderful week, we have received $30,858 to our mailbox and paypal since the mailing of the letter!!

The discouraging part is it seems the childcare and support staff (minus administration) are not going to resign from their jobs. This signifies that we owe them THREE months of salaries when we end their contract - another difficult aspect of Bolivian workers law. This will add $14,550 to the previously estimated closing costs.

So it's clear that we are seeing progress but still have a mountain to climb!

Also encouraging is the support we are seeing from friends in Cochabamba who are part of the children-at-risk ministry community. People are pulling together to see that our kids have a great new home, and that's wonderful news!

Stay tuned!!

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