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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I love this kind of change

Yesterday "Eliana" turned 2!!!

I can't believe the change from when she first arrived, so malnourished and sickly. She's the picture of health now, in fact a bit overweight according to the height/weight measurements they took in the Baby Home today!
But that makes me happy remembering 15 months ago....

Shortly after arrival, skin and bones (9 months old, 11 pounds/5 kilos)

At 10 months
(I show this to current volunteers and they can't even guess who it is!)

Happy 1st birthday!

Happy 2nd birthday!

The "purse cakes" I made her the night before

So cute, huh?
Well not by the next morning when it fell over. On the good side. Sigh. All comes from not using boxed cake mix (just seems like cheating!).

She blew out the second candle by herself!

Biting the cake, a Bolivian tradition (she loved doing it!)

Good till the last drop!

Lord willing, our Eliana will have a loving family of her own by her next birthday...!

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