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Friday, June 26, 2009

la fiebre escarlatina...

Escarlatina: my new (Spanish) word for the day. Somehow, I was not aware that people still get scarlet fever. I mean, are we in the 21st century or not?!

This afternoon, after A. went to the hospital a fourth time and has seen at least two doctors [but never our great pediatrician] and multiple nurses, that's what he was finally diagnosed with. He has the strangest rash, and I was starting to wonder about the allergy theory. Now we see he’s had all the classic symptoms and progression of the illness.

I've rarely seen one of our kids so sick, especially a 5 1/2 year old. This has hit him HARD. I was upset to find him much the same yesterday afternoon when I was at CDA II. I had to spoon-feed him water so that he would take it! His ribs are practically coming out of his body he is so skinny after this very rough week.

I don't know if that's all normal and the recovery is usually so slow, but it does have a long list of symptoms (of which A. has had almost all for six days now) and a long list of nasty complications like rheumatic fever, meningitis, pneumonia, liver and kidney damage, and so on.

And since L. at CDA III also has the signs and has been sick for a few days, we've canceled V.'s first birthday party that was supposed to be tomorrow, and are taking all the precautions that we had in place December - February (during chicken pox) to limit contagion between the three homes.....although this is already in two of them! Crazy!

Within an hour of getting this diagnosis, I was floored to hear that the young son of one of the tías at the Baby Home has Hepatitis A. The pediatrician warned us today that there were outbreaks in schools, but I didn't expect it to already be so close to "home". What will we do?! I begged her to be careful and wash her hands when she arrives. As if dealing with the H1N1 flu in a developing country isn't enough, do we really have to deal with scarlet fever and Hep A, too?!

I had a blog giveaway planned for tomorrow, but things keep happening around here that dampen my spirit for fun. This weekend is going to be very busy as I check on sick kids and rehearse/play at church. At least we’ve got the week’s health concerns at the Baby Home well under control (respiratory infections, lice, eye infections, parasites).

Please pray that we will have great discernment in isolation of kids and quickly detecting any new cases, and peace as we deal with it all! By last night I was already so overwhelmed with how little I've been able to accomplish this week as far as replying to emails and many, many administrative tasks, and today was a three ring circus from early till late as I constantly answered the phone/cell phone and dealt with continually changing plans due to the health crises.

Speaking of phone calls, I just realized I'm really exhausted from the week. Since I'm often woken early Saturdays by the phone, I'm going to hit the sack. I believe the urgent tasks of the day are done, and there's always tomorrow...

But first, since I've had so many dreary, picture-less posts lately:

look who got their hair cut today and is sooo handsome (E. from the Baby Home)

And the adorable V. who turned one yesterday!! She arrived to CDA III one year ago tomorrow, a precious little bundle.

(Thank you so much Katie and Amber for your advice and help with my questions these days!)

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Gallo Pinto2 said...

poor V missing out on her first birthday party...but better than EVERYONE getting sick...