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Monday, June 15, 2009

Bolivia driver's license, #6 (lots of progress!)

Installment #5 is here.

So last week I finally called the lawyer to see when we could meet at transito (traffic police station) and he said Monday at 3pm. Today I wondered if I should call to confirm, but I know how constantly lawyers' cell phones ring and didn't want to bug him (later he told me feel free to bug him...I will!) so I went on.

At 3:10 I called him and he'd been called into a hearing unexpectedly. Bummer. He said I could wait till 4 or come back tomorrow. Since I have important meetings in the morning, and I'd taken this book dedicated to us to read, I chose the waiting option. It was a risk....which I really started to realize when 4 came and went. Finally I was so tired of reading and waiting, I was just pulling out my cell phone to play a game on it (that's really desperate people!!)...and one of the leaders from Cochabamba International Church comes up, with a friend from Campo Chihuahua (this post is about my great visit there last year)! So I spent a good time talking to John Dyck while Poly did paperwork. His wife Mary called while we chatted about the ministry there and said hi. So today I talked to German Mennonites and Norwegians and Italians, all in!

Finally at 4:50 the lawyer shows! We race in and start entering different offices. I just had to wait in one line, the one for the medical report. I quickly passed the vision test (the elderly man who did it seemed surprised?), then a surgeon (?!) wrote down data from my Bolivia ID card and asked my blood type. Since I know it, I didn't have to get it tested right then and there. He said my hearing is great, everything is fine...and barely glanced at me! Oh, and I paid 50 Bolivianos (about $7) for the privilege.

By this time it was 5:30 and because I hadn't brought my passport (didn't know I needed to after doing sooo much other paperwork) or maybe because of the time, I'm not sure, we didn't get to finish. Bummer! I go back tomorrow for the pictures, then the next day I might actually have the license in my hand!!!!!

In other triumphant news, the Alseth family visas are very very close to being issued. I spent half my morning in immigration offices with a lawyer and the paperwork lady. The Alseths and paperwork lady spent much of the afternoon tying up loose ends, and will continue tomorrow. Keep praying!!!

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