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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

he'll stay!

Five year old JK has been with us six days now. He's been fine, now eats as much as C (age 10!), but the first days there were a few thwarted run away attempts ("I'm not trying to escape!!" uh....YEAH).

Which made this even more special...

Yesterday I had just gotten to CDA II and tried to make pictures of the recently reunited JK and his sister E before dark (you can see I didn't quite make it)...

...when JK got my attention to say in a loud, firm voice:

Tia, I want to stay at this house, ya?



As what he said sunk in I said, "Oh, so you don't want to go back to the other house?" With his eyes wide open he said "NO!"

Ohh.....definitely a heart-melting moment!! And that he would even add "forever"?!

After his reaction to arriving in a new place last week, it nearly made me doubt what we were doing, bringing him to Casa de Amor because of his sister. But that put those doubts to rest! It was even more surprising because 1) Out of nearly 90 babies/young children through our doors, no child has ever taken the time to inform me like this, as if they had made a decision, 2) we weren't even talking about the subject, and 3) he's been very quiet so far, not saying much of anything.

Just thought I'd share that unexpected blessing from my day. =)

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Julie B. said...

Nothing like a little spiritual pat on the back, huh? What a sweetie!