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Friday, June 19, 2009

Bolivia drivers license, installment #9....and last!!

After starting on May 21 to get my license, almost a month later I have it at last!


Almost got to use it the very same evening as police controlled near the Baby Home, but they didn't pull me over.

Why all these "installments"? Well, for one it seemed more fun. And secondly, to share a bit from our daily lives. In the weeks I've been at getting this license, we've experienced the same constant paperwork chases for 40 children, processing the first foster family, an international adoption, the Alseth family's 6 visas (of CDA III), opening a bank account and transferring money into it (also an incredible amount of paperwork - we've been at it all year), a construction project, and probably plenty of things I'm not remembering. All that on top of the day to day challenges! Blockades and construction detours, finding gas when there's a shortage, trying to find what you need in stores or markets, etc., etc.

Some days I handle it fine, but some days it's like "enough already!"

So, if you live in a country where you can obtain a driver's license in significantly less than 9 sessions and a lawyer who spent a lot of time on it too, then I'd suggest that you count your blessings! =)

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