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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bolivia driver's license, installment #1

Sometimes you just have to play games with yourself. In these days of constant delays and frustrations with paper shuffling and bureaucracy in our kids' cases, I realized that blogging about all that I will have to go through to get a Bolivian drivers license could make it slightly less painful. This idea could possibly have come to me because of reading Angie's saga on her blog.

After all, if I have to go to two places rather than one, makes for a more pity evoking blog post, right? Right.

Keep in mind that I'm following suit of some fellow missionary friends and doing this the "easy" (but legal) way. A lawyer will guide me through the maze (yes a LAWYER...they use them for every. thing. here.).

So today...

printed out the list my friends sent me, a whole page long, and studied which documents I need...ironically, while driving, ha! I do have my TX license and an (expired) international license.

Called lawyer's office, no one answered

Called his cell and he says he'll be in the office soon. Perfect!

Passed by our accountant's office to pick up and copy:
the rent contract of my house (also the Baby Home)
last light bill paid
last water bill paid

Left my car parked by the accountant, walked several city blocks to lawyer's office

He wants a copy of my carnet (Bolivia ID card) to get started right away. I normally have a copy with me but just left the last one with the lawyer who will help renew my visa soon.

Make multiple copies of carnet, because I'm gonna need them in this whole process

Walk over a couple blocks to exchange money

Back to lawyer's office, leave him 500 Bs (about $71) and 150 Bs ($21), some for his work, some for background check and other papers

I wait about 15 minutes for him to type up and print a memorial (is that the word in English?) requesting the police check. He tends to some people in between, but not too bad of a wait for here! And he quizzed me with names of various foreigners he's helped in between. I knew them all. =)

He signs and I sign the memorial, then he asks for a copy of my passport. Sigh. I knew I should've brought it but I don't take it out for just anything and I didn't have time before to make copies (it's brand new).

Back in the office, I make copies of the passport picture page.

Several hours later I have a chance to run the copy to him. He says he'll call tomorrow about going to the police station.

Hm...was that as boring to read as it was to write?! I'm falling asleep while writing it. Could have something to do with getting up really early to pick up the new volunteers from the airport. Who consequently were not there because their flight connections didn't quite work out as they should've. And a super busy full day. But I wouldn't have it any other way!

Also met our next child today! Well I've met him before when he was still on the street, but today I "met" him knowing he's our next. He's the 4 1/2 year old brother of one of our little girls.

More later....


Gallo Pinto2 said...

Icky...does not sound like fun...

and I don't think the word is "memorial" but I'm not sure what word you should use either...maybe "memo"???

Pero me alegro q hay mucha gente q a veces tiene problemas con pensar en dos idiomas al mismo tiempo :)

Angie W. said...

That is funny that you knew all the people he mentioned. Ha!

Thanks for your comment on my blog yesterday. I know I shouldn't get my hopes up. But, hey, hope is free right? :-)

Godspeed with your license, friend.

Anonymous said...

have fun with all of that Jen.... I'm thinking the word might be "memorandum" or memo like Denise said.
I've been having trouble getting registered for school here, keep having to call and/or go by different offices and it's taking days.....reminded me of trying to get stuff done in Bolivia!