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Monday, May 18, 2009

Hearing aids...again

This lively little one (profiled here)....

has been assigned an adoptive family from Europe!

This 21 month old cutie

also has hearing loss.

Now we don't know how one will affect the other.

I "read" the ABR test results and the neurologist's report myself two weeks ago when I picked them up and felt it was so, but now it's confirmed.

Severe to profound loss in her left ear

(unfortunately we don't know which because as is his custom, the doctor did a sloppy job in working through the decibel levels)

Moderate loss in her right ear

I'm in touch with Starkey Foundation again, so hopefully we'll have her aids here by June with a returning volunteer.

How will this affect her future?


Katrina said...

Oh!!! I still remember the day when that precious teenie tiny bundle arrived all bundled up! and now she will have her own familia!! How awesome :)

Do you know any bolivian sign language? I think it would be cool to know (in any language)

Jennifer T. said...

I well remember that day, too. =)

Once upon a time I knew a fair bit in American Sign Language.... The Alseths want to start teaching her basic signs. That will be so cute!

Joyful Mom said...

Trusting with you that her future will be bright and beautiful, just as she is! Wow wonderful that the first little one is going home. Such a blessing.

I so love catching up with your blog and reading the sweet stories of all the precious little ones you have taken under your wing. You do an amazing job there, friend.