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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Five years...

This morning while chatting with M.'s adoptive parents, our psychologist asked how they slept last night. They laughed and said they barely slept for excitement, and replaying their 45 minute meeting with M.

Then M.'s new father, 45 years old, looked me right in the eyes and said (in Italian of course), "We have waited FIVE YEARS for THIS DAY." As that simple statement sank in, it gave me chills. Their first full day enjoying their new daughter!

And on Bolivia Mother's Day, too.

Tonight I finally had a chance to finish the last chapter in The Open Door. This paragraph jumped out as me and I basked in the comfort of realizing that the author has taken this road before us--and understands! As she spoke of her husband's failing health, this surrogate mother to over 200 children wrote:

"Few people realize how much it costs in patience, love, and money to take children from destitute places, build them up physically, straighten them out emotionally to give them a feeling of inward security, train and educate them, lead them to the Lord, and then send them out to take their places in the world."

Can I get an Amen?! It might seem so simple to on needy children and provide for their needs...but how complex and intense it is in reality!

Today other than a quick trip back to the Baby Home/office, I was at Casa de Amor III from 10am to 6pm. That might be the longest I've ever been there and at some points I was the oldest in the house apart from M.'s parents (who were of course busy with her).

It's non stop--when all is going smoothly! And today there are two slightly sick, cranky toddlers. And trying to keep the other 7 kids out of M.'s hair (and that of her new parents) so that they can continue the bonding process. For some reason today it sunk it to me more than ever how many little ones and babies they have. I know we have almost 3 times as many at the Baby Home, but the model is different and there are more hands.

Each child is so unique, so different, and a world unto him/herself, and it takes so much wisdom to properly respond to and train and love on each one.

I came away with new admiration for the Alseth family who day in, day out (and night!) pour themselves into the eight young children they have taken into their home.

For a glimpse of a day at CDA III, read this post


@ngie said...

Jennifer your dedication, love and energy are staggering. Keep up the good work chica! You are an inspiration to us all.

Gallo Pinto2 said...

Wow...I probably would have teared up if I'd been you when M's new dad said amazing. So exciting for them and M...and you!

Love the pic of Rick...

2 weeks from now I'll be in Cocha!