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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Book Dedication: "Faith Quilt"

February 26, 2009

Dear Jennifer,

You don't know me :0) My name is Suzy and I live in the UK. I'm married with four little girls and write a blog called Scraps of Starlight.

So began an email friendship with Suzy.

I have been reading your blog for the past few days (since following a link from Seeking Faithfulness) and have been so completly moved by your work with the children at Casa de Amor. The children look so happy, loved and nurtured, I have found myself tearing up more than a few times just looking at their sweet faces. I have been so touched. Our family is offering prayers during lent for a number of orphanages and homes for children and have included Casa de Amor with them. So just to let you know, every evening we are lifting you all up in prayer.

Then she shared her very touching idea:

I was thinking this over last night... I would love to help in some small way. I came up with the idea of maybe publishing a book with an online publishing company.

The book's theme would be based around different aspects of how faith works in our lifes. Although that can incorporate many different things such as friendship, family, devotion, refelctions, adoption, poetry, story etc...

Now thanks to Suzy's hard work and the contribution of dozens of bloggers, her vision of a fundraising book is now reality!

The book is dedicated to Casa de Amor Children's Homes and Sarah's Covenant Homes in India...and we divide all proceeds from sales!

To get your own copy of "Faith Quilt" for $35.10 (up to $52.10, depending on the cover material), follow this link.

Suzy recently reported that £50 has been raised so far.

It looks beautiful and I can't wait to personally see (and read) "our" book!!

A very big thanks from Casa de Amor to Suzy and all her bloggy friends who participated in this unique fundraiser!

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