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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

July 2004

22nd picture

A very nice visit to the Christian deaf boarding school/home outside Cochabamba with some of my volunteers and Hospitals of Hope volunteers.

This year we were asked about the possibility of helping this home (financially and administratively). How I would LOVE to, but it didn't seem the wisest move since we have our plates so full already! If God would show me how, I would...

On a side note, but unfortunately related: last night I picked up ABR results for a 21 month old at CDA III, and was very saddened to see what looks like severe hearing loss. I just finished scanning in the results and sending them to Starkey Foundation to see what they will say.


Clair said...

I hope you find a way to help, or that something comes around- things always do!

Again, what fantastic work you do!

casa da poesia said...

"Ima phuyun jaqay phuyu..."


Jenny said...

What a fun picture. You are an amazing person!

Joyful Mom said...

Hello friend,
I have sooooo missed reading your updates since being away. How wonderful to be able to catch up. Happy to see that your life is just as crazy (and just as blessed) as always :)