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Monday, May 11, 2009


I was catching up on my bloggy friend's blog today, Joyful Mom, and saw that yikes--I'd been tagged!

So here goes....

8 things I look forward to

~JULY and a visit from my Mom and two sisters, yeah!
~a family of my own
~having foster families prepared and “in waiting” so that we can direct new babies directly to a family
~the next adoptions!!
~the next new baby =)
~eating Tex-Mex and my Mom’s cooking again (I've been having withdrawals...)
~Christmas in the US this year, first time since 2004
~Heaven! (the missionary life really helps you with that one, LOL)

8 things I did yesterday

~it was our team’s week at church, so I rehearsed and played piano
~started (again) the book “Jesus on Leadership”, by Gene Wilkes
~organized my room and two closets, yeah!!! I lost momentum after my family left but I still had their stuff everywhere. Finally it’s squared away and I feel like I have my room back.
~watched the intro video for our next Bible study at church (Psalms of Ascent, by Beth Moore)
~coughed a lot
~practiced a new song for church on my piano and guitar, in Spanish and English
~called and talked to my Mom and sister Emma
~played with the toddlers a while before they went to bed (yeah, they didn’t really want to go to bed after that!!)

8 things I wish I could do

just my thoughts today, in no particular order…

~travel more (without ever leaving here, of course...we're wishing, right?!)
~take better pictures
~sing beautifully
~visit all my former kids who have been adopted (that would mean visiting France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, and Holland—WOW)
~end child abuse
~play amazing guitar
~read more
~speak Italian…and French and Dutch and Danish and whatever else our adopting families arrive speaking!

8 shows I watch

No TV here...

8 people I tag





Katrina (NZ)

Katrina (Bolivia)




Edwin, Jacqueline, Liliana & Kyan said...

Hi Jen,

We would like to give you some Dutch lessons haha. And you're always welcome when you visit Holland, you know!

With love,
Edwin, Jacqueline, Liliana & Kyan

Gallo Pinto2 said...

Okay I'll do it a little later this evening...but off the top of my head - 8 things I'm looking forward to:

1. Bolivia, 2. holding CDA babies in Bolivia, 3. Spanish in Bolivia, 4. seeing all the Tias in Bolivia, 5. seeing friends in Bolivia, 6. all of our babies having sponsors! 7. living at the baby home in Bolivia, 8. being in Bolivia in 27 days!!!