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Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Little Lost Boy

We're at one week and counting for parents or someone to come in and claim this cute kiddo, so guess it's time to introduce him to our reading audience. Poor little guy. He was found at the door to the main cemetery here, and supposedly according to the officials who brought him, some people have come in looking for him but apparently they are not relatives?? (Perhaps he was abandoned there?) And so, we wait.

I think there's something special about getting a child around Christmas. Well actually I think ANY time is a special time to take a new baby or child into our family, as is obvious by the fact that anywhere from 15 to 22 new kids join our Hogar de Amor family annually. =) But at Christmas it's extra special, and you know what he says his name is? (Okay I realize I'm breaking from my rule of no names and pictures in the same place online, but just had to put this.) Gabriel. Even a Christmas-y sort of name! The made-up name he was given is very common, besides getting no response from him, so we're sticking with Gabriel at the moment, even if we have, hm, 5 Gabriels/Gabrielas already not to mention the 2 who have been adopted.

And it's neat that he makes an even dozen kids at HDA II. Even numbers are nice. There are even 6 boys and 6 girls.

He's had some sad nights missing his parents. Other than that he's integrated well into the rhythm of the home, and in fact is reportedly the most well behaved child (doesn't know who to fight with yet, haha). Obviously we do not know how old he is if we barely got his name out of him (which he only said once but seems to answer to), but he's the same size as our very short 3 1/2 year old and other 2 year olds that I have. We guess he's around 2 1/2 and speculate he's either lived on the street or "worked" on the street alongside someone who sells things in the market....or begs by the cemetery? He has some ways of interacting with the caregivers that seem to point to him having lived with a blind person. Now if we can just teach him to use the toilet instead of the floor...

Maybe we'll know his story someday, maybe not. But meanwhile, he's in a happy home with a roof over his head, food to fill his stomach, medicated cream for his sores, and "mothers" to watch over him, NOT lose/abandon him. Welcome, little wanderer!

(I'll try to get more pictures of him later today. The above pic is on his arrival, on his way upstairs for a good scrubbing bath!)

Update, 11:29pm: He's gone! Some people not even his parents (apparently a long story that we were told very little of) have taken him back, with government approval and three witnesses to vouch that he will not be abused with them (I would assume that would include losing him). And his name? Turns out it's Juan Carlos. Funny, cuz we also have that name already...

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