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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Twins x Two

Here they are! Not the best pictures--I didn't have time to change them into more "matchy" clothes--and it was getting dark, but it was a very pressure-filled busy week and I just wanted to take something before they get any bigger. I haven't taken pics of the 4 together since the last one posted here, the day Twins 2 arrived.

E & E are 12 months old and G & G are an estimated 3 months.

Busy body E was kinda put out with me for having her sit there, doing absolutely nothing. She had us all laughing at her antics, even though they weren't helpful for a photo shoot. She yawned. Wacked her brother on the head. Blew bubbles with her mouth (a favorite activity that gets r-a-t-h-e-r messy when she's eating).

Knawed on her fingers a spell.

And yawned again! (Her brother is still weaker than he should be, I suppose thanks to the very poor state in which they arrived, so doesn't enjoy sitting much.)

Then screamed her head off when I moved on to play with other babies.

We are so grateful that Twin G seems to be digesting her milk much better now that she's on lactose free formula.

Hmm....the more I look at these I see that none are very good. Oh well! Can't be a perfectionist when it comes to getting a picture of 4 babies and not having an hour to spend at it.

This one is better and was taken spur of the moment, while at a double birthday party today at Hogar de Amor III.

Taking a snooze together in the hammock

Only 2 and 3 year olds were invited to the party, but I took these two because they've been terrors slightly difficult this week while undergoing major teething, and they are perfectly happy if they are out, being held, and the center of attention. (Like many babies, I know, but believe me that's most true for these guys!!)

Speaking of birthdays, the last few Saturdays for me have involved taking anywhere from 7 to 22 small children to birthday parties. Check it out:

Nov. 15, birthday party at HDA III
Nov. 22, birthday party for pastor's daughter (adopted) of HDA II's church
Nov. 29, wedding (actually the twins' birthday, so we celebrated it the day before)
Dec. 6, double birthday party at HDA III
Dec. 13, sister Emma's birthday party

And that's not even ALL the birthdays of the past few weeks! (Rick Alseth says I'm a party animal, same as his wife. I don't mean to be, honest!) However, we're now entering a six week breather on kid birthdays.


Gallo Pinto2 said...

wow...they're just so big now! Yikes on the teething though...I can only imagine how difficult they are being. They always did want to be the center of attention even when they weren't in pain!

I love the pic of female E screaming her head typical!

I love the hammock picture. They're so peaceful when they're sleeping!

Tell all the tias and everyone I say hi and I miss them!

Julie B. said...

They are so cute! The hammock picture is beyond precious. It looks professionally posed, not spur of the moment :)