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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Babies =)

Trying out this video thing, so if it works, here's my first blog video addition!

The baby twins were cooing and so happy after our outing to church in their Christmas finery, I just had to film them a minute. Don't you just want to hold them?! And coo back? (Although please don't listen to me doing it in the's just that boy G prefers a two sided conversation or else he quiets down.) And feed them their bottles which can take forever? Then change their diapers?

Okay I won't torture any of you baby-lovers with more...but they are CUTE! I might have found an adoptive family today for them in the restaurant, not to mention at church (if such a thing were permissible, of course). And if you wonder their age, they were rescued 3 months and 2 days ago, so they are that or a little more.

Merry Christmas to all!!


KatieHen said...

they are so adorable! she looked like she was thinking "what are you even doing?!" haha

Katrina said...

ah! how delightful :) :)

Sharon said...

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Merry Christmas to you and your family

Anonymous said...

awwww.......when you see them like that who WOULDN'T want twins?? ;-)