Current Child Count

  • HOGAR DE AMOR I: 11 babies
  • HOGAR DE AMOR II: 6 boys
  • HOGAR DE AMOR III: 8 girls

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas in Hogar de Amor II

Racing down the stairs, with the ever-intrepid E leading the way!

I was as amazed as the kids at all the goodies packed into each box!

Look at the size of that dragon!!

Proudly showing off stickers from "Tio Grant"

My parents helping J master his new plane shooter thingy...

My sister Emma admiring J's new jacket and purse! (A special miracle is that J LOVES them. She's been a bit hard-to-please in the clothing area the past year.)

A moment of rest
and silence from the gift frenzy as the kids savored Mom's special Christmas cookies


A great big howdy HOLA to all the friends and supporters who provided such a special Christmas for our kids!!!

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