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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Everything Day ...and THREE new arrivals!

There are many days where we think "just about everything possible happened today"... I was already going to post here tonight about the many and varied things I got to do today, before the day got REALLY wild and crazy.

The first part of the day involved checking on the general health status, updating the blog's prayer requests, changing plans since Donna (visitor) was very sick all night and wouldn't be visiting the homes again today (also tell Mom what to buy her from the pharmacy), coordinating payment for cleaning products already delivered to CDA II, our accountant calling and asking when we can meet this week, talking to a staff member about her health, a lawyer coming by for me to sign some staff-related papers, punishing 3 year old Rudy (sigh), discussing a wayward child's behavior with the social worker, feeding a baby a bottle while I work, catching up on medical stuff from Maria and Katrina being out all morning, making an appointment with our pediatrician for him to verify a girl's age and prepare a medical certificate for court.

AND preparing schedules for two of the houses for the month of March, starting on February's e-update, creating new files and documents for 2009, setting up a few meetings for the week, recording December 2008's expenses, closing out 2008's financial reports and sending them to a couple people for review, emailing a British friend who works with disabled kids in Thailand about cerebral palsy resources, thanking supporters in the US and Australia for their generous donations, emailing our friend in Texas about a donation on the way from Spain, creating a new job description for someone we're about to hire to TRY to take my Dad's place, and attempted to finish reviewing sponsorship packets...but by then I was out of time.

I needed to meet the new long term volunteer who arrived from the US, and coordinate who was going where and when in the afternoon (doctors). At about 5pm everything got interesting when Katrina and I went to the cough doctor with 4 babies. Well, 3 babies and 1 toddler.

And then when SEDEGES called and said they had THREE babies for us, all around 1 year of age. We would've flatly turned them down except that they were taken off the street. Today. And it was past their closing time, and other baby homes had already received others today from this "round up", so...... Um. Actually it's all a rather long story how we ended up with these three girls. Hopefully I'll have time to explain tomorrow. But I think a couple are crying now and I have more things to prepare for meetings, so I'll go see if I can help. Till tomorrow, a few pics...

Picking up the babies (Sarah, our new long-term volunteer, Katrina, and me)

They were so worn out from their rough day

The bed where the three will sleep tonight


blessedmomto7 said...

Those three little angels are just too adorable. Bless you.. Wish I could scoop them up and love them!

BoufMom9 said...

OMGosh! Those sweet sweet babies!
You certainly had a busy day. Holy cow!

Gallo Pinto2 said...

Wow! The new girls are beautiful! But it sounds like you've had quite the day...

What on earth did Rudy do? I love him to death but he's a handful!!!


jen said...

Thanks for making this blog. I am Sarah's mom and would go crazy if I could not see what she is doing. Hi Sarah!! Three babies off the street...oh my, my heart would break.