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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

So TODAY Rudy met his new parents from Spain!!!!!!!!! It was just as exciting as always. I never get tired of this!! Had to talk to myself to hold it together as I headed to get him and bring him into his new parents. Then unexpectedly (can I just say kids are so unpredictable?!), our Mr. Outgoing clammed up at the door and made a little scene before going to them. Seemed like an hour but was probably, hopefully, just a couple of minutes!! All the adults staring at him with cameras rolling must've scared him a bit....oops. But now everything is going wonderfully and it's hard to tell who is more thrilled--Rudy, his mother, or father. We all smile at each other so big our faces are liable to crack! my very-healthy-till-now Grandma was admitted to the hospital for a possible stroke.

So today my Mom and sister Emma booked tickets back to Texas, for just 10 days from now. Ten?! What will I do!! Dad will go a week or two after them, straight to Tennessee I believe (that's where they'll live).

March would otherwise be a fun month around here. We have a constant stream of international groups, visitors, and volunteers arriving for short or long stays, which definitely keeps things interesting. Other adoptions are close to happening.

Now the rug is getting pulled from under my feet, quite literally. I'm a family gal. Homeschooling did that to me I guess. Or actually I've been told I'm kinda weird. I don't go out with friends, I go home to family.

I just can't think about how it will be, that first day when I get to the end of a 12 hour workday and realize......I don't have anywhere to go. The Baby Home will again by my first and primary home. I'll just walk down from the third floor my room. Well with a detour to hold some babies of course, but not the detour to get a good homebaked dinner or leftovers, talk to my family (often in Emma's room as she drifts off after a full day), plan the next day's events, watch a little CNN on their comfy couches, bake, or entertain volunteers.

Not to mention weekends (the ones when I have free time, anyway).

It's just back to how things were 2004-2007, my first years in Bolivia. It's not like I haven't lived this before. So why does it seem so....overwhelming?

About the only plus I can think of is I won't have the constant tug-of-war that is work vs. family time. I can Night and day. Without worrying about not being with them, or getting there so late.

I will miss Emma SO BADLY it's not even funny. Those who know her will understand better than most. There's no replacing an Emma in your life.

And did I mention how much I hate change...??

Well now that I've gotten out all that dreariness, I think I can move on to my next meeting--the one with my pillow ~grin~. Early tomorrow we take the three new little girls to the doctor, so better rest up for that one!!


Janis said...

Jennifer, you are so dear to express your love for your family this way. I pray that the Lord will surround you with comfort in new ways over these weeks so that when you look back it will be so evident that is was from Him (and not just that your family loves you too! :-)

Anonymous said...

Tennessee? is that where your grandma is or is that where your family is going to live? either way....I'm sorry they're leaving. I know you've loved having them there and it'll be hard to re-adjust. Don't work ALL the time!!

Gallo Pinto2 said...

I'm sure it is going to be terribly hard to have your family leave :( They help you so much in so many ways...

and Rudy! Oh man, I'm so excited for him! And his new parents! I wish I could be there to see him with them!

Elizabeth said...

Really excited for Rudy, and happy that he is pleased with his new parents. I wondered whether he might find the whole thing frightening, but clearly neither of them were dressed as clowns at their initial meeting, so that's all good.

Really sorry to hear about your family having to move back. That's really tough, especially just now when things are so tough already. Am sure other Cochabamba families will 'adopt' you (surely the Holmans won't notice one more!), but it's hardly the same.... :(