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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Random Picture Challenge 6.0

This week's challenge from 4 little men and 2 girlies is to post a picture from January 2007. Since many of the many pictures from that month are of sick babies in the hospital or babies getting treatment in the Baby Home ("Hospital de Amor", we say), here's a lighter one:

My cool baby J at 6 months

Isn't he cute? He still is! I took him to CDA II with me yesterday (along with the newest baby) for some special time out in the kid's favorite car (mine!). He was sooo happy and sang some little made-up song to himself the whole way back. Now he's 2 1/2 and will go back to his father soon, if the court approves, but will still be with us 6 days a week.

Speaking of being "Hospital de Amor".......we took 4 (yes FOUR) babies into the "cough doctor" a few days ago and one (Twin E) is actually worse on the medications. This morning baby Gabriel threw up he's coughing so much....and he got the cough just today! So I told them what to do for now, until our check-up on Monday with at least 2 of the babies. Also several have drippy runny noses and the youngest (7 weeks) is getting the cold and has been very cranky since yesterday, including all night. Could it just be the cold, or something else??

This constant rain and the temperature extremes we experience almost daily here the months of January and February really mess them up. Yuck.


Happy Valentine's Day! (Even if where I am barely anyone notices, ha!) I followed a link to a new blog today, Imperishable Beauty and was blessed by their first post "Reedeming Valentine's Day".


Gallo Pinto2 said...

Awww J was sooooo cute as a baby! Then again he's still pretty adorable now! And his face hasn't changed at all! I would have recognized him anywhere!

I'm sorry all the babies are sick. I'll be praying for them!

Elizabeth said...

He is so cute. He makes up songs when he's on the swing as well. One was about a monkey. I'm not sure what happened to the monkey in the song, as the second half the lines tended to fade away into nothing.

Hoping and praying Gabriel and the others (is it girl twin E?) start to improve soon.

Jennifer Thompson said...

I couldn't quite make out the words of the song either, but with Baby A punctuating the air with screams (mainly when I stopped at red lights...?!), made things more difficult.

And it's Boy Twin E actually, although his twin has a good cough herself (just not nearly as persistent). The tias call him "abuelito", poor thing. He's started to cover his mouth with his hand when he coughs, like to keep it in!