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Thursday, February 26, 2009

a couple of cuties

Since I haven't been posting many pictures lately, here are a few from when we took the 10 oldest toddlers/babies from the Baby Home to a first birthday party last weekend.

The big birthday bash was held at a Baptist church and was for a sweet baby that lived from us from February 29 last year (newborn) till last month when he was adopted by a Bolivian family, yeah!! National adoptions are awesome because we continue to see the family.

Twins E & E, 14 months and always in motion

"Get us outta here, we need to CRAWL!!!!"

You can just see 9 of our kiddos here (the 10th was in my arms, of course), and the baby adopted with his parents and older sister as they cut the gigantic cake (first birthdays, done right, are BIG affairs here!)


Gallo Pinto2 said...

my babies are HUGE! Man I miss them!!! Give them huge hugs and kisses for me!!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Excellent one of girl E in that second picture! I can almost feel the saliva showering from the computer screen.... ;)

Elizabeth said...

Jennifer - do you not see the CLOWN just on the left there???? How could you allow the kids to be so close to one???? Don't you know how scary and dangerous they are???? I'm shocked and disappointed with you....

Elizabeth said...

PS. Note that C and J have their eyes fixed firmly on that CLOWN.... can't believe you could have put them in such peril....