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Sunday, August 30, 2009

TEN amazing indescribable wonderful years!

It's so amazing, really. Words fail me to describe adoption. Miracle? That this child gets to be in OUR FAMILY! Grace of God? That He would choose US to raise her! Truly a marvel.

Ten years ago today, August 30, 1999, we first held Emma and stared into her blue-green-gray eyes. My new baby sister! I was 17 and it was quite possibly the best day of my life till that point.

That's also the day to blame for my consistent tearing up and the incredible surge of emotions every single time I witness a family meet their new child for the first time!

Particularly this week, as I took on adoption with some extremely difficult government employees, I've been grateful that I have been blessed with an inside look from which to advocate for children without a family. Even if it multiples the pain when others cannot understand. How can they? They have not walked this road.

I am grateful that my parents took the plunge when we barely knew anyone who had adopted, and certainly not from half way around the world. Knowing what we did then (precious little!), it was a jump of faith into the faraway unknown. God spoke to my Mother's heart that her family would never be the same again. He gave my Dad the wisdom to plan to bring us (my sister Heather and me) along, to a formerly communist country with unsafe drinking water....for that infamous "once in a life time field trip to a foreign country", LOL!

Now Emma is the most Texan little girl I know...

August 2005

Loves the US passionately (okay, I admit! At times we've thrown around the thought of her holding high office)

Statue of Liberty

Has a special place in her heart for Russia

Emma & friend Nastya, Kostroma, Russia, December 2002

And is quite at home in Bolivia, dontcha think?

May 2008

Look, it's Eloise Emma at the Plaza Hotel, La Paz, Bolivia!

January 2009

Now she's starting a new life in Tennessee as the daughter of cookie store owners (our parents, who would've thunk!!) and doing great (when she's not missing her favorite sister, of course):

May 2009

I love you, Emma!!! You've changed my life forever.

More pictures and stories coming on Gotcha Day....

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gloria said...

Adoption is a miracle!!

So glad God has touched your family's life thru adoption too!

God bless,