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Saturday, August 29, 2009

concerts and music and kids (of course!)

Last Saturday morning, we had visitors to the Baby Home. I was particularly excited because Lowell is a music pastor at a huge church in Houston, Texas, and was playing on our church's praise team that weekend. I needed to loan him my guitar so I brought it out and he started an impromptu "little kid music" concert! He ended up playing bass the next morning since our bass player had missed rehearsals.

Two kids - 2 year old B. and Twin Boy E. - went nuts at the guitar...and not in a good way! I think I need to play for them more often!!

Lowell and his family (wife and 4 young children) are prayerfully considering a bit of a life change....moving to Bolivia! His dad lived in Bolivia back in the 60s working with the Peace Corp and is encouraging them to take this leap of faith. Pray that God makes clear what they are to do and how to do it - and where to serve, as there are abundant opportunities for someone with his musical giftings.

Two of their kids feeding the new twins

Then last night, a few of us had a great time taking the 9 oldest kids from CDA II to a concert! It was held in Iglesia Santa Teresa, a beautiful church downtown that was built in 1790. Just set the scene for an evening of Handel.....

The kid's music teacher, "Tia Raquel", was playing in the first violin section. They were so excited to know someone playing! How I wished my sister Heather was also playing, as on this July 2007 evening in a lovely old downtown theater...

A picture with "Tia Heather", the kids, some of my family, and volunteers after the concert

But anyway, it was still wonderful to soak in some live classical music from very close proximity, as we sat down right there on the floor at the front of the church so that the kids could see. It was a free concert and continued to fill up, to where the sides and back were full of standing onlookers, and the middle aisle almost full of others sitting down as well (then I didn't feel so strange!).

They behaved so well!! At first I was concerned they might distract someone in the orchestra or choir, or one of the soloists, but not at all! They made me so proud. (Although if it had gone much over a half hour, I'm not sure what could have happened!)

Group picture afterwards with volunteer Christy, Tia Elizabeth, violin teacher Raquel, me, and the 9 kids (who are kind of distracted!)

When I got home I realized I'd been out 3 1/2 hours, most of that on the road at night chauffeuring, for a 40 minute concert (which I missed part of because of taking a child to the bathroom). Still, it was a more relaxed way to end what was a VERY stressful week in the government department. I saw several people I know, Bolivians and foreigners living here, and hope it was a memorable night for the kiddos - and great motivation to continue working on their violin skills!


Gallo Pinto2 said...

Awww my new twins are just so cute! I miss them. And poor E...the guitar scared him huh?

Concert looks like it was fun. I'm glad the kids were able to go!

gloria said...

Glad you enjoyed an evening out of beautiful music with the kids and loved ones and friends!

God bless,

Kids Music said...

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