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Saturday, August 15, 2009

one year blog anniversary giveaway WINNER!!

Probably thought I was never going to get around to it, huh?

Didn't even realize?

Okay well I thought I was never going to get around to it ~grin~

But today was finally the day!!

Beautiful toddlers D & A ripping apart playing with the albums and trying to rip the little girl off checking out the pen

And the winner of the one year blog anniversary giveaway is........

A. applauding the winner...

who is....


Her family's blog is cleverly titled "I'm Ghana Adopt". Congratulations!

Let me know your mailing address so I can send these Bolivia goodies off with one of the volunteers heading back to the US this week.

Here's the sweet comment Laurel left as her entry in the drawing:

I love your blog because I enjoy reading about how the Lord is using young ladies for His glory throughout the world.

I love your blog because it reminds me of the work my daughter is doing with children in Argentina. (And, she doesn't update her blog very often.)

I love your blog because I am the Mama of 13 ... and an adoptive mama who has a heart for orphans.

I love your blog because you shine with the LIGHT of Christ Jesus!

Keep up the good work!

Laurel :)

I'm honored that a busy mama of 13 would take the time to read my blog and leave encouraging comments! Thank you, and a big thanks to all who bless us on this adventure of raising and living with babies in Bolivia. =)


Laurel said...

What fun! I will look forward to these gifts!

I do so love reading your blog and seeing what the Lord is doing in you and through you.

God is raising up a generation of young ladies (my own daughters included) that are not afraid to step out in FAITH and follow His leading ... to the ends of the earth.


mama of 13

Grant said...

Ha, typical A.