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Thursday, August 20, 2009

(little) kid funnies

During a recent staff meeting at the Baby Home, we kept cracking up at the funny things the childcare tías* were sharing about the kids. It was a meeting on discipline and child training which is not usually my favorite meeting (everyone has such different opinions and feelings on the subject), but we actually had a good time together and couldn't help but laugh at these:

Miss Universe
The little girls are already proving that, well, they are girls. The tías think we have a lot of future Miss Universes or Miss Bolivias on our hands. The 3 and 4 year old girls have taken to disappearing into their rooms and coming out changed into a new outfit, or will even get up at night to put on their favorite clothes then go back to bed!

No Ice Cream
One evening as a tía prepared to leave, she realized she didn’t have her bus money of 1 ½ Bolivianos. They started asking around and someone tattled on S. As S. reluctantly turned the money back over to the tia, she shook her finger at the tattler and said: “Now see? I can’t buy you ice cream”. That'll teach 'em!

The Press
One day when the kids were just in the mood to tattle on each other, the tías lifted their hands in desperation and said "Who are you, the press?! We have eyes and ears too, you know!"

Not me!
A toddler has an accident, wetting him/herself and the tía asks “Oops, who wet their pants?” and the dripping wet child says “SHE did!!” pointing to the (dry) child beside them. Um, yeah….

Social Hour
Volunteers catch onto this one quickly. When the kids are getting bored of being in a room, one asks to go to the bathroom. Then another. Then another. And no one really needed to go, but you have to understand that the bathroom is SUCH a fun place, with running water, that nice bowl with water, soaps and shampoos and lotion…so much fun!

And then recently, I was playing with the kids before bedtime in the playroom. Hearing an argument growing ever more agitated I listened in. Two little ones were fighting over whether their pretty toy was a FROG or a TIGER. I stepped in and taught them a new word: dinosaur!

*The kids call us tia which means “aunt” in Spanish

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Gallo Pinto2 said...


Oh my, life is never dull at the Baby Home huh?

I'm glad the tia noticed that the money wasn't there before she got to Blanco Galindo...

and was it Tia Consu that said "who are you the press?" That sounds like her!