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Sunday, August 23, 2009

a day in the life

One day last week, I....

Finished editing CDA II & III sponsorship packets (20 total)

Printed CDA II’s packets to be able to show the staff and kids later

Met with my staff about kids cases as they continue the long, windy path through SEDEGES and the court system

Got caught up on how our babies stand with their immunizations

Emailed my family my current thoughts and plans about my upcoming trip to TX and a few other places en route

Made preparations for J. (CDA II) to move to CDA III as soon as he feels ready

Went to a meeting of the new network we’ve helped form (could only stay 30 minutes; Rosa caught me up later)

Said happy birthday to: Tia Rosario’s son (1st), Tia Maribel, and Tia Ana Maria

Heard about preparations for A. & C.’s birthday party for the next day

Blended fruit with plain yogurt and discovered it’s yummy

Walked all over downtown about 3 times

Mailed two packages at the post office, the giveaway winner's gifts and a “Gotcha Day” gift for a certain sister of mine (who hopefully won’t read this till she gets it)

Signed a paper at a notary’s office

Took a bus, which is less common now that I have a car (Missionaries reading this, don’t hate me! I did live here over 4 years without one)

Went to immigration three times, one of those with a lawyer

Spoke to four different men at four different desks, some of them twice, to get my indefinite Bolivia visa paperwork “in”

Got visa pictures made

Forked over a LOT of money in immigration

Took E. (4 years) to his surgeon check-up…thanks to volunteer Sarah bringing him to me when the immigration paperwork began dragging out

Bought shoes for little girl E since she has tiny feet and we only had boy shoes in her size

Read Proverbs 18 and out of Esther (“for such a time as this”…ah, gives me chills every time!)

Had a pleasant Chinese food dinner with CDA II volunteer Sarah her last evening in Bolivia; appreciated her answers to the debriefing questions and also her insight and encouragement regarding upcoming changes at CDA II

Printed sponsorship packets of CDA I & III kids till 11pm

Missed two cell phone calls the minute I didn’t have it with me

Read a few more chapters in the book Rabble in Arms (the night before at about 11:30 it got really fact this 586 page book takes a large part of the blame for the inactivity of the blog as of late)

And that was practically the entire day! It was a good day, full of activity and furthermore getting things DONE - my favorite thing to do. =)

Every day last week was similarly packed, if not with errands and exciting meetings then with endless computer work. The weekend has kept up the same frantic pace, with Texan visitors to the Baby Home, going to CDA II & III, playing with the kids at the Baby Home, seeing off a volunteer, buying my fruits and veggies for the upcoming week at Saturday market (with a few little ones in tow), washing clothes, fellowshipping with friends, church rehearsals/events, finishing my book....yeah, it was a bit full!

Tomorrow shouldn't disappoint either, so I'm off to finish preparing myself for the week to hit. Hasta luego!

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Gallo Pinto2 said...

My twin girl E got new shoes? Pic must follow!

And you still haven't posted pics (that I know of) of Sara's beautiful cake!