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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

back in least for the moment!

Well.......where to begin? After sending out July’s update to our e-mail list on Friday morning, I essentially “unplugged” from the computer/internet for the weekend. It was lovely! I read an entire book and started another one with almost 600 pages and watched a movie or two.

Then we lost internet. Then it was fixed Tuesday at noon and we had it a few hours (the entire time I was out at meetings, nonetheless)….then lost it again. Finally this morning we got it back up again.

Welcome to life here! This is the 3rd time we've lost it for days at a time within one month. Anyone besides me think we need to change providers?! Although we’re with the cheapest/main internet provider right now, the “cheap” part has been made painfully clear of late!

Anyway. That’s the reason for the lack of posts, replying to your comments, replying to your emails...replying to urgent question emails of the newest volunteer on the eve of her travels, not being able to send the praise team the song list for our rehearsal and playing at church this weekend, yikes! But now I’m practically caught up on non-internet work, including reading through heaps and heaps of staff reports, so that’s a benefit.

Now to the other catch-up while we still have internet!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

I did wonder where you'd gone! I was toying with several possibilities, including
- you'd caught cold, having gone out wearing only four layers of clothing
- you'd been waiting in line for five days for some government-issue paperwork (not unlikely)
- you'd been eaten by llamas
Very pleased that none of the above is true, and that you're back with us!