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Friday, July 10, 2009

full days

So yesterday night I had planned to write a post about my busy diversely wonderful and wild day........and then blockades happened. And our meeting with the director of child welfare was postponed. And a street boy killed the day before was going to be buried so I decided not to visit street friends just yet.

Almost the whole day ended up going "not as planned" (gasp!!) and so it was only right that when I finally "landed" from the non-stopness at 11:30pm, I just wanted to finish the book (Saving Levi) Molly loaned me and crash!

But I did get to have a phone interview with an upcoming long term volunteer. We had a very nice, hour long chat! Can you believe...another vegetarian! Vegan, actually.

And the Bengtson family of Texas did arrive exactly at 9:15pm to Cochabamba, yeah!

We are having such a good time with them already. No good pictures of the whole crew yet, but those will come in time. We have a big weekend ahead! Made slightly less hectic for me because church was canceled....yeah, thanks to the H1N1 scare here and government ordinances....but never fear, we'll just find another for this week!

Sorting through all the treasures they brought us. I'm not sure who enjoyed themselves more: the kids, the staff, or us!

Todd & son Reed pitching in to feed the new twins (and yes, they must eat sitting on the little rug on the floor because we're plumb out of seating at the "Restaurante de Amor")

(We had a good little laugh when Reed saw that lunch time was fast approaching and declared emphatically to anyone listening, wide eyed and making motions as if holding a spoon, "I am NOT going to go 'heeeerrree comes the airplane', uh-uh!" As you can see, he got over his initial fear, even if the feeding position looks a little bit awkward to me.)

Finally, we are getting good news on our foster family program. We truly see a light at the end of the tunnel for the foster family program, and it is glorious!!! Who's ready to help?!?!?! It was sad and very very hard to turn down a 3 week old baby today, but what can I say - the twins got here first!

At dinner tonight with the spoiled and much privileged oh so cute L & L


Anonymous said...

What do you mean they are spoiled :)

Gallo Pinto2 said...

The twins are definitly the cutest things EVER! But I am excited to get a good night´s sleep again!