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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i'm a geek

Well not really (Katrina in NZ, did your ears perk up? ;-)

Over the course of this year I’ve enjoyed reading law codes more and more. When there's such practical application for one's life (or rather, all the lives in my care!), it's fascinating. To see a citation, like say... Art. 26 of the Código del Niño, Niña y Adolescente... and know what it says and means, that's fun!

And super fun to use it with government staff who don't realize, for example, that foster families are completely allowed by law.

A few days ago I bought the Penal Code, since a report about Baby E. from the public prosecutor's office cited an article from there.

Back to my reading.... ~grin~


Elizabeth said...

Now, Thompson, don't get worked up. I'd hate to think of you getting over excited and having to go and sit on the mattress in the play room to calm down.

Katrina said...


They did actually Jen :P Quite fittnig as how I am spending thie week in class from 9 til 5!

Katrina said...


what kind of geek cant even spell...?!