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Sunday, July 5, 2009

consider it JOY!

Wild Olive Tees

So one day a loooonnnngg time ago (okay, sometime in March, which seems like a really long time ago) I commented on the Wild Olive tees blog, or something like that (I can't really remember, a lot has happened since then), and Amie from Wild Olive wrote back and said I'd won a shirt!!

Or that's not exactly what she said (I have 41 children people, my brain gets overloaded), but that's how I felt when they decided to just GIVE me one of their amazing, pretty, uplifting tees!

It was a hard decision, but I chose "consider it joy"!

Baby V helping me model the verse side the evening of our CDA staff party

And here, I was trying to get a picture with lots of the babies for the awesome Wild Olive tee ladies, but dear baby E was having none of it, as he was in a particularly jealous mood and none of us could concentrate on getting a picture between his screaming and a bunch of wiggling, crawling, drooling, toddling babies. Guess "consider it all joy" is a lesson he'd do well to embrace ~grin~

Then because I was really already considering buying one, I also chose "sing praises" because I love music and playing praise songs on piano and guitar. And I love the {neutral} color!

New twins L & L and the "sing praises" tee

Thank you so much for encouraging me in this way. It was really sweet of you! And I love wearing them - how neat to have these phrases playing in my head all day!


Gallo Pinto2 said...

ooo L and L look so handsome...

I love the shirts too...

Katrina said...

Cool shirts Jen!

Amie@WildOlive said...

You have NO idea how much it makes my heart smile to see you with your lil' ones. THANK YOU Jen for taking the time to share them with us through these pics. This made my day. And btw- it is our pleasure to gift you with a shirt.Thank you for all you do for these little ones. YOU are an inspiration.

btw- with your permission, I would love to post these to our blog for our "can I get a witness page." It will give us a chance to highlight your ministry. Let me know if this is okay with you.

hugs to you!