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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

cooking for ten and other randomness...

This morning began with the visit of 7 final year infectious disease medical students to explain the H1N1 virus to my staff. It was supposed to be a talk on avoiding colds and viruses in general, in our context as a Baby Home, but someone didn't get the memo. Although, lots of what they shared was applicable.

That lumpy homemade pillow? It's a virus cell model, just in case you can't tell. ;-)

* Shortly after this, the staff was doing the morning round of diaper changing, and called me down from the office. They had a lovely surprise for me - a huge white worm that was found in a baby's diaper (one of our recent "street entries")....

* Talking to Katrina's parents after church on Sunday about all the current health issues and fears, her father exclaimed "I just COULDN'T do what you do! I don't have the patience or endurance for it!" I found that amazing because I totally marvel at their family's ministry, working out in the campo, in Quechua, with people who have opposite beliefs and worldview from our own....I don't think I could do it! Well I'd have to be called to it, that's for sure! God really knows why He sends us where He does, doesn't He?!

* We had an inspection today. A three hour plus long inspection by child welfare. Very draining. There were four (masked) people and they were extremely thorough. At least we should be done for a while as they've never come more than once a year!

* Last night I had a great time with the Holman family kids. Well some of them. I was just with the middle nine! I took them a meal since their parents are traveling. They were grateful, but hopefully weren't just being nice?! What awesome kids!

Photographic proof for those who think I just bake, not cook:

The menu:

French Country Potato Salad, Japanese Crunchy Salad, Southern Cornbread (the kids got a kick out of the "international flair of it"... Hope said "please give me more of the...french...stuff")

Although we did some baking, too!

Busy little pastry chefs

The overdone creative final product

* Afterwards, I stopped by a store, and a kid was being helpful to me. His dad jokingly said "You can have him if you want. Just take him home -- NO RETURNS!" I thought to myself "I get that a lot {sigh}" but instead said, "I already have 39 children in my care, with twins on the way, I don't really need another thankyouverymuch." When the owner of the store, who overheard, realized that I was serious he knocked 1 Boliviano off the price and gave a sincere thanks for doing what I do. Nice!

* It's like Christmas Eve or something. I can't believe we get twins tomorrow!!!!! Sometimes things happen and expected babies don't come, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up but it's kind of in vain. :)

It is so nice to be able to prepare ourselves for the new arrivals and think through it a bit. Can you imagine having nine whole months to prepare for a baby?! Oh, yeah, I guess a lot of you can. ~grin~ Anyway, the notice is rare for us, and helpful...even if it is hard to wait when we're used to babies arriving within an hour or two of finding out.

I found out today that they are moderately malnourished and sick, soooo I'm thinking through our isolation options. It's not like that hasn't been on my mind, like, constantly the past couple of weeks!

We'll soon see how we do it! Volunteers Denise and Molly might have two new roommates tomorrow night. ;-)

Okay, the monthly update emails have finally finished being sent so I should have enough internet to call my family now, so till later...

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