Current Child Count

  • HOGAR DE AMOR I: 11 babies
  • HOGAR DE AMOR II: 6 boys
  • HOGAR DE AMOR III: 8 girls

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

for the (twin) fan club...

A few more pictures for ya, just because we love our friends and faithful followers. =)

Getting their hair cut the day after L & L arrived (we really wait, no?)...

After the haircuts, we embarked on our quest to find them matching clothes...easier said than done in Bolivia! But at about the 10th store, we found something we all liked.

Sunday morning: ready for church! (M or D, do you have better pictures of them dressed alike?)

Arriving to church...

Volunteers Molly, Sarah, & Denise with four of our kids: the two newest and (almost) the two oldest (look a little like twins, don't they?)

And another picture from Sunday...

Filling up HWA at lunch
CDA III's crew, 2 from CDA II, 2 from CDA I, and all volunteers!

I talked to my Mom briefly today (they have been supppper busy) and she said the babies are TOO cute! We couldn't agree more, and they have a very sweet, quiet personality to match.

It's fun to start to recognize who is who easier, without searching for the little mark one has on his chin!

Today they come out of isolation, as they are now on treatment for their coughs and such, so you know what THAT means.... Pictures of them with the "big twins" E & E!! And the other kids playing with them. They already call each one "gemelito" (an affectionate way to say "twin") rather than their names, haha.


Robin said...

SO SO FUN!!! :-) They are really adorable. I loved the pics of them getting their hair cut while playing with toys!

jen said...

There is my Sarah! Awwww, I miss my girlie.