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Friday, July 17, 2009

a little update from here...

Here being a Cochabamba cafe that has wi-fi...ohh, so cool. And faster than ours at the Baby Home. Somehow yesterday in the process of losing power and getting it back, our modem was fried and the phone company cannot help us with a quick solution. We shall see how long the volunteers survive without facebook....or maybe they'll have to pursue alternatives like me, LOL.

And here I thought I could have a couple hours of peace and quiet, when what do I find but a huge birthday party going on 10 feet from me, clown, sound system, screaming children and all! I should mention that Bolivian birthday parties, or actually parties in general, go on for hours on end. What can I do but laugh?!

I can't wait till I have a chance to sleep long and hard, like these little guys during a recent nap...

(ha HA Denise & Molly, I have a cute picture of them that you don't)

It's been quite the 8 days! Some of the B family has flown, and two remain. We have a lovely new room (post coming soon) at the Baby Home and lots of blessed kids and staff!

Yesterday was fun because it was so full. Take the afternoon as example: I had appointments or places to be at 4:30, 5:30, 6, 7, and 7:30. Rather miraculously, all went well up until the last appointment (the only non-work related), and I didn’t start off until 7:30. I had grabbed a bottle of carbonated water out of the fridge on my way as a treat, but as I stepped back in my car my cell phone rang…and I got work calls/made work calls the entire way to praise team rehearsal. I had to laugh….and drink the not-so-cold-anymore "agua con gas" on my way home.

Also yesterday, we were supposed to take another crucial, exciting step in the accreditation of our foster family program. But at SEDEGES, the computers were still being taken apart and repaired, the director had to take a sudden trip, and the other group we were going to review our contract with is having to present more reports and clarify some aspects of their program with SEDEGES before being allowed to sign. Now the big day is moved down for a third time, to Monday.

SO.......we continue to have "un poquiiiito de paciencia" as the SEDEGES lawyer begged. Believe me sir, I'm one of the most patient people on earth by now, thanks to having to work with the likes of YOU every day of my life for the past 5 years!!!!! Actually this guy has been fairly helpful (other than continuing to ask us basic questions about foster families as he peers over our file that has ALL the answers to ANY question he could ever have). Some matters are just out of his hands. But we are so close I can almost taste the victory!!

And now as I get back to emails before they kick me out, I'll add a part of one that made me chuckle out loud, from a [single female] friend I've traveled with to Russia and Bolivia, now a pediatrician:

I wonder all the time how you are doing. It's hard for me to tell from the website or newsletters if you are now living in Bolivia full time and its your whole life, or if you spend some time back home doing college courses or having time for dating etc.

You said it best. It's my life! And very full time, yes! Time for dating, no! College courses would be neat, if I actually had an assistant to share the load with.

PS - Although I was bummed to not be able to call my family last night and talk, I've gotten so much done last night/today without the distraction of emails flooding in, checking blogs, websites, etc.: cleared off many of the papers on my desk, reviewed a volunteer application, read more of "Searching for God Knows What", created new files, studied the family law code and SEDEGES' 2008 report (Bolivian child social services), recorded and filed July receipts, finally had a chance to meet with the administrator about some issues that have been brought to my attention at CDA I & III, and she caught me up on her meeting with CDA II's childcare supervisor. It's been great, although not to be soon repeated, I hope...!

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