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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It is....


From this on April 8…

and shortly after...

To this in May:

And this in June…

Our new Baby Home room!!

As I look at this, I marvel. So, so many details to get here! And quite the process of international, inter-cultural cooperation, as a group of people who often didn't know each other pitched in to work together, make do without the proper tools, googling what they didn't know how to do, enthusiastically learning and doing and re-doing.

Dan (from Indiana) & Joel (from Georgia) started us off back in April/May:

MK friends spent a day helping them lay the foundation:

Even 3 year old A helped unload the 500 bricks!

Tio David helped throughout the entire process:

And this family of 5 from Texas did all the final finish out and moving in!

So thanks the creative fundraiser donation of former volunteer Melanie

We now have a special space for our volunteers who live in the Baby Home!

And our physical therapist Maribel is back in her spot

And we have a TV (from my family's former home here) and a place to put it for the first time ever!

Thanks to one and all for all your hard work, sweat, and tears (even blood) to complete this wonderful project!! We are so happy with the extra space!


Katie said...

Wow! I'm so impressed!! The new room is gorgeous!!

Laurel said...

So great to see what the BODY of CHRIST can do ... when everyone works together. Beautiful!

mama of 13

Elizabeth said...

That was a lovely flower bed that was there before you started. Thank goodness the guy who tended it is now in Brazil...