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Friday, March 19, 2010

the room

When we found out late afternoon on March 10 that we were indeed receiving the triplet girls, and would pick up them up at 10am the next morning, we launched into action!

We had to laugh at ourselves. We rarely "prepare" for the arrival of a baby, much less that Rosa, David, Maria, Adelaida, Katrina, Nic, and I would ALL be involved! But we wanted everything to be perfectly clean and ready to go for round-the-clock care.

We chose the warmest room in the house and moved out the 4 cribs already there...which means the other two bedrooms are pretty crowded right now.

This bedroom, our smallest, now holds the two sets of twins plus 4 others!

I also hung this newspaper article on their door:

When I saw this on Friday, March 5, announcing that the girls would go to a home at first (not family members), it was the first time I realized that might indeeded be coming to us.

And here they are!!

Tell me if their room isn't a beautiful haven:

The changing table was a gift from the Holman family (missionaries in Cochabamba) some time back, now being put to very good use!

Their bed, complete with mosquito net (they are vicious right now!). The framed picture over their bed, of a little girl walking, with Psalm 23:1-3 written out, hung over my bed throughout my childhood.

The dresser BEFORE things got messy. :)

Night feedings...

The lamp is another loan from my room, to give a nice light during the 6 "dark" feedings.

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Mama D.'s Dozen said...

What a beautiful room, for 3 precious little ones. How special to have a picture hanging that was in your room as a child.

Laurel :)