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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Last night while pulling my shift with the babies, I realized that I was with them when their one month "birthday" arrived. So, of course I sang them "Happy Birthday". Okay, not really, although it would have been sweet. I'm not the most talkative, peppy person in the middle of the night. :)

Yesterday afternoon I finally realized I was a little nervous about the night. The first night I was with them alone was their first night here, and I guess I didn't have time to get worked up about it, as crazy as that day was getting them and getting up to speed on their special care. But by many people had said how amazing I was and "how do you do it?!" that I was starting to wonder "how did I do it that first night?!?!" LOL. But all went very well and the girls are really turning the corner on the sucking thing.

Nataly needed the feeding tube to finish, but they all drank away like champs at the beginning. Valentina (#1) even surprised me by waking up a half hour early for one feeding, crying and rooting around for milk - both a first!

My little baby burritos

After their 11pm feeding, I tried out our donated miracle blankets on the girls. They are great and so cute! They slept super well, in fact I had to unwrap them and get them a little uncomfortable to get them to wake up for feedings. They've stayed in them all day in fact.

I'm quite sure there was something else I wanted to share, but it's escaped me now and I need to head off to our volunteer fellowship night with the others.

So, till later!

PS - If I can steal pictures from volunteer Elena, there's a SUPER CUTE surprise for you all tomorrow!!!

PSS (March 17) - So Savannah's blog post 1 Month Birthday completely beat mine!! What precious pics, with balloons and all!

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