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Friday, March 19, 2010

the arrival

Thought I'd back up and show pictures of the grand arrival of the babies. It was all such a whirlwind, it just wasn't sinking in what was happening! We didn't even have the length of a pregnancy to prepare for how it was going to be. And even though something like 90 pictures were made that day with my camera (mainly by Katrina and others), why does it seem like there's not enough? Anyway...

Making our get away from the press! Some of those milling around are from social services, or with the godmother's family; they followed us in a taxi because my car was packed.

Tias Maria and Roxana, and the babies' great uncle, sat in the middle of the car, each with a precious bundle. Yours truly had to drive, sigh.

Maria with triplet #3

Roxana with triplet #1

the grandmother with triplet #2

First introductions with the kids...

...and the tias!

Much love!!! I always love introducing new kids to the others, such special, joyful moments.

Taking them to their special room! (more about their room in the next post)

There were so many people the first hour, you could barely move around!

Placing them in their crib for the first time

WOW, there are three!! We just stood and marveled. But not for long, because feeding time comes around very quickly...

Elena cracked me up with her expressions and comments as she tube-fed for the first time.

Let me just say that this was a scary feeling, to hold all three at once. For a moment I felt I could understand in some small way the fears of the mother and why she ran away. I could only say, praise the Lord for so many willing helpers!!! Alone, it would be such a challenge.

I couldn't resist! Here is Baby F on her 6 month birthday, same day the triplets arrived. Isn't she huge?!

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Shonni said...

How fun to read about your adventure!