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Sunday, March 21, 2010

meeting of the multiples

Craziest photo session of the year thus far!!

We got together the Twins E & E...
A little smooching (and yep, that's pee)

...And the Twins L & L, who were my lovely accompanients to church this morning

(Yep, they're fighting over the toy, a new favorite past time)

...and the lovely sleeping beauties

SO glad to be tube free :)

+ Gabriela, our single twin,

for THESE pictures!!

Back row: Twins E & E (27 months), Gabriel (18 months), Twins L & L (22 months today)

Front row: Triplets V, V, N (1 month)

So much cuteness, if I do say so myself!!

Checking out the "hidden" babies (first time we've kept healthy babies isolated from the rest)

Making their escape!!

I ask myself, how did this happen?! A full THIRD of the Baby Home is a multiple! Guess it was just one yes at a time, hehe...

Updated on March 22 with answers to some of the great questions in the comments:

Katrina: the blind butcher who cut the Twin L's hair is around the corner from the Baby idea!! The gestation of the triplets was calculated at 31-32 weeks.

Liz: I hadn't noticed that resemblance, interesting! And after that picture of E, he started screaming and wailing because he realized he'd wet his britches. SIGH.

Heather: We haven't used a tube for feeding in nearly a week! They are doing so well with bottles, even waking up way before feeding time looking for food. Number 2 just made me suffer 45 minutes and I still couldn't get her whole bottle down her, even using the syringe (drop by drop), but that's more and more of a rarity.

And Emily, ohhh if only you could see. :) But in the pictures they do look angelic, don't they?!


Emily Johnson said...

This is soooo precious! I love reading your blog and seeing pictures of all the kids... they're all so sweet!

Love in Christ,

Katrina said...

How they have grown!

What has happened to the L's hairs??! Lol.

Those girlies are adorable! Been meaning to ask what gestation they were supposedly born at?

<3 K

Liz said...

Gabriel is so cute! He has a bit of a look of Angel when he was little.
Loving the pee down E's leg ;)

Heather said...

when did they go tube free? I think I missed that announcement. Or you just take it out and put it back in?!

Gallo Pinto2 said...

Oh my! Love the pics!!! Especially E and E loving on each other....though seriously, he peed his pants???

and I don't care if Los Luis got a bad haircut the are still so adorable...and by the way they were fighting over toys/bottles when they first arrived!!!

Okay I miss my babies!