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  • HOGAR DE AMOR II: 6 boys
  • HOGAR DE AMOR III: 8 girls

Monday, March 15, 2010

Another lovely day with the trips!

Even with a busy Sunday, I was glad to be here for 5 of the feedings. They are doing pretty well. Occasionally someone throws a few mls back up, but overall they are feeding better bit by bit, yeah! We are glad that Savannah is on duty tonight though because the feeding tubes keep popping out today.

We start off trying with their tiny bottles for up to 30's a picture:

....then finish them off with the tubes. Some times #1 finishes the bottle! I just took the above picture because it was cute, and I was alone at the start of the feeding. Otherwise, we usually hold them, working hard to keep them awake and sucking!

I sent an email today to our entire e-mailing list announcing our new arrivals! I usually limit the emails to once a month but thought that since it's not every day one receives triplets, it would be fun to let everyone know and share some pictures. :)

Today I finally had a moment to create little name tags for their crib, to help us in remembering their names!! (Wouldn't be so difficult, but just as with our "triplets" of last year, the names keep changing around, and since they look almost alike, we stay perpetually confused.)

I also put the meanings on the tags. :)

ALSO today, I finally developed a "care chart" I'm happier with. On one legal sized excel document, we can keep track of feedings, meds, diaper changes, temp, and weight.

Our former accountant came by today and left a little gift for each baby.

We are so, so grateful for all of the donations the people of Cochabamba have given the girls, once the news of their birth and abandonment hit the news! I feel badly for the new family with triplets, in great need. Hopefully people still respond!

Even so, there are some things that I am seeing that we need to continue caring well for the girls. I'll put it here because I think some of the volunteers wanted to know to tell supporters.

hot water thermos (will buy tomorrow)
clock to keep track of feedings (will buy tomorrow)
anemidox (iron drops) ....we go through SIXTY drops a day, and the little jar costs $9 even buying wholesale, so this will add up!
wet wipes (A luxury for us, but would be nice for the triplets. Some were donated but not enough to last.)
feeding tubes (tonight I finally tracked some down and it was just over $1 for 3, so that's good)

Tonight right before midnight I snuck in for a final peek, and this is the heart warming sight I saw:

Oh my, toooo cute!! And without the feeding tubes, which I think looks very sad.

Way to go, Savannah! When will you do all three together for some cuddle time??

(Have I mentioned that this all still feels like a dream?! I can't BELIEVE they are HERE! I have some picture ideas in the works, which might include some twins....but when their feeding tubes are out and we are sure they are thriving!)


Ana said...

Love it SeƱiorita! Love the work you do. thank you for blogging and for letting us know while you are feeding and tending to these angels. You must be exhausted, but thank you for doing this and keeping us in the loop. Lots of love and prayer

Katrina said...

Oh! Sweet!

This week I am working in the neonatal unit of the hospital - so i kinda feel more connected to these beautiful wee girls! Got to do some tube feeding today (tho these babies tubes are nasogastric). Also supporting mums to do kangaroo cuddles and positioning of babies in their beds to help development.

'former accountant' hey :P

Much amor to y'all!

Gallo Pinto2 said...

Love, love, love this post... especially the pic of two of them cuddled together. They are soooooo adorable!!!!!

Anonymous said...

so precious!