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Sunday, February 21, 2010

one year with our triplets :)

So yeah...with internet going out and ME being out most of the week with street friends, I didn't quite finish this post in time. Here it is finally!

One year ago today, February 16, we were blessed with three little one year old girls. Brings a smile to our faces to remember. :)

The Everything Day...and THREE new arrivals!

las trillizas (6 month anniversary)

{Just see the February 2009 posts for several more posts from the tumultuous first days}

Arrival night (they fell asleep on us as we came home and stayed this way till we bathed/weighed/dressed them)

The same girlies, one year later, WOW! D (2 years), E (2 1/2 years), A (2 years)

The three have always been close, so I really hated to do this, but E's 5 year old brother lives in our CDA II, so we knew that eventually she would need to graduate to that home. That time came earlier this month after getting CDA II settled into their new house.

Moving to Casa de Amor II... be with her brother!

How I miss her being at the Baby Home where I can see her constantly, but I'm glad her brother is finally acknowledging her presence and looking out for her. :)

When I take the other "triplets" to visit, it's a joyous reunion!!

See what I mean?!

Oh what cuties!!


I am the Clay said...

Precious Girls! May God continue to watch over them and bless them abundantly.

continuing to pray for your ministry,


Katrina said...

OH! I love these three girlies!

E looks particularly adorable with her seatbelt on in your autito! (tho for how long will it stay on! ;) )

Mucho love
K :)