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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

making tracks

Today was a race from start to finish. It started off at 8am under the bridge and it's just now slowing down at 11pm. I compose blog posts in my head, but alas time for actually writing - even brushing my teeth for that matter! - is rather limited these days.

* Keep us in your prayers as Rosa (administrator/social worker) is hospitalized. A sonogram yesterday shows that they've lost one of the twins. Mercifully, they had only just found out there were two and she's just at 8 weeks, but it's still hard and brings similar feelings we dealt with 13 months ago at losing one of twins.

* Baby Home caregiver Sarin has gone to the hospital twice today with pregnancy related issues. At least she's made it to the 3rd trimester, but her baby needs to be patient a wee bit more...!

* This morning I took in a teen street mother for a sonogram. She was curious if it's a boy or a girl, I was curious if the baby had arms and legs! Seriously though, she's one of the street kids who sniffs glue the most, and she's so tiny it's very concerning. Not to mention that she turned 15 last week and her first baby isn't even 9 months yet. On Saturday I'll take her to a friend's clinic for a complete work up. I'm so grateful for Dra. Aida's interest and support!

* The same day of the first anniversary of taking in our "triplets", REAL triplets were born in Cochabamba...and abandoned, also all girls! Whoah, talk about shocking! The home where they are is always packed full and isn't too excited about them, whereas those I've told of our staff/volunteers nearly knock me over with their enthusiasm. Please pray that we would know if it's God's will that we open our doors (and hearts) to these preemie triplets.

* Today the court hearing went well for the family that works with us and is applying to adopt 2 or 3 of the kids. That was a huge answer to prayer, but there are many mountains left to climb so we all need grace and patience...and favor with lots of people!

* One of our supporting churches in Texas has decided to send a team of 30 young people to us this year as their student trip. Yikes!! Today the missions secretary called me to go over some of the details....some of the very first of many, many, MANY details.

* Tonight while giving baby F her bottle and talking to the tias, 2 year old B started talking a blue streak! He told story after story from the day as he tattled in detail about his "hermanitos" (brothers/sisters). There's no more secrets with B, ha!

* I took a half hour this afternoon and had a bit of stress relief in the kitchen with some fun tias, rolling out dough for the week's bread. Yum!

* For being rainy season in Bolivia, Cochabamba has seen relatively little rain and it's stayed very hot. Fine by me!

* It was a joy to pick up S today to visit her daughter J at CDA II. She hasn't gone since we moved so it was a happy reunion indeed! Now that the house is closer to her, and she knows where it is, she promises to begin visiting weekly again (as her health holds out).

* Although I've gotten more used to flea bites, Bolivian music blaring in my car, river wall jumping methods, nasty wounds, BO and glue fumes than I ever could have imagined before this year, I'm still not used to finding these lying around my car:

Tomorrow is packed and I still need to work on this week's praise team song list. Here's to hoping I don't trap a mosquito INSIDE my mosquito net tonight. Sigh. It's happened twice within a week and is not pretty. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, I heard the bad news about Rosa on Monday please please send my regards and let her know they are all in my prayers!

On a lighter note I had to laugh at the glue bottle, but wait til you have to 'hold' them in your backpack for an outing of some sort and then hand them back at the end of the day. Its quite a sight! side note: you might want to avoid making this 'transaction' in front of the general public or worse a police may cause what we'll call a 'misunderstanding'! (talking from experience!)

Young Christian Woman said...

There is no "merciful" way to lose a child--not when you just found out or even before you found out. I know you didn't mean anything by it but things like that can be hurtful to those who have lost children--there is no "at least" when your baby dies.

Jennifer T. said...

Re: So far, the police bother me too much when I'm with them for me to EVER consider holding on to their bottles!! They know that when we're going to a soccer game or clinic or doing paperwork, that they have to toss them! :)

Young Christian Woman: I agree! My Mom miscarried two desperately desired and loved babies and I have lost two babies from the Baby Home. I guess I was thinking of the Bolivian perspective when I wrote this too. Personally I would be crushed to miscarry a twin, but here life is not as valued and people move on very quickly.