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Monday, February 15, 2010

springing up babies, or "what's in the water?!"

Since 2004, we’ve never had more than one caregiver pregnant at once. That is, until now!

Now it seems like every week another staff member sits me down to tell me the news: you're going to be a tia (aunt) again!

At this point, here’s the rundown:

Psychologist Carmen gives birth to a second son, January 25, 2010

Baby Home caregiver/shift supervisor Sarin is expecting a boy, due April 2010

Baby Home cook Silvia, due August 2010

Baby Home caregiver/childcare supervisor Adelaida, due September 2010

Administrator/Social Worker Rosa (wife of our accountant David), due September 2010, and get this, WITH TWINS!!! (YES we are in shock!!)

Every time I get this news, I focus on receiving it on a personal level first, with hearty congratulations, big smiles, and lots of joy. I mean after all, we're all about babies here and each one is a blessing!

But unfortunately, then comes the "business" side of things....

~Way more paperwork for the next 21 months (pregnancy till baby is 18 months)

~Taking care of the tia's health as best we can in what's a very strenous, physical job. Often they are admitted to the hospital and I visit at least once.

~Finding a suitable substitute for the 3 months paid maternity leave

~Apart from the mother's salary, we pay the baby a minimum wage salary from the 2nd trimester until the first birthday (that adds up to nearly $100/month for 18 months!! and we'll soon find out if that's doubled for twins)

~Paying the sub, although there is some compensation for this with the health insurance

~Working out if the tia can bring the baby to work or not...and if not, pray hard that they find someone to watch the baby!

~We cannot fire the staff member until the baby is born...or maybe even turns 1 year (can't remember)?...because too many would do that to simply get out of paying the myriad of benefits
It's actually less expense for us to receive a new baby into the home than all the benefits for staff babies, ironically enough. That's Bolivian law for you! Of course, only the largest institutions/businesses are normally able to comply with all of this, but we are committed to legality here and trust that God will provide all that we need.

So as you can see, I would love to just be excited about a new child for these women who are like family to me, but thanks to the very heavy handed laws on the side of employees, and due to the nature of the work (kids won't wait for you like a stack of papers will!) there are plenty of ramifications.

And now 4 of my 16 female staff are expecting, and the 1 male too, considering it's his wife due with twins, ahhh!!!

It will be quite the year!! :)


Gallo Pinto2 said...

Okay I am TOTALLY bummed! Because with Silvia, Ade and Rosa's due dates I won't get to meet their kids until they are 1 year olds! So SAD!!! You'd better post LOTS of pics!

And I was wondering about the baby min. wage thing with Rosa probably will be double for twins...

Oh and we sang "en reposo" on Sunday and it made me happy :)

Katrina said...

L O L!

I actually couldnt believe it when Elena told me...although I totally guessed Rosa when I knew someone else was pregnant!
Tia Silvia said she was pregnant and so i had to stay til September but i completely thought she was joking!! Guess not...te he

Thinking of you and all the extras babies cause....