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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter/Kids Day/Birthday!

Some pictures from our Sunday!
It was Easter, Kids Day, and B's 2nd birthday!

I've been uploading pictures all day in between stuff. Our internet is far from fast here so it takes a bit of patience (what doesn't here).

Kids Day is really big here. It's international and I've also helped been a part of celebrations in children's homes in Russia and Mongolia, but have never done anything for it in the US. I guess it's not too big there because, well, EVERY day there is kids day! (Same as International Women's Day, something I first learned of when traveling.)

Specially decorated dining room for the special day

Having a snack on the nice green grass before the church egg hunt

Helping E and S fill their baskets with TEN just ten eggs or candies

Me with Miss E, who was too distracted to look at the camera (Katrina, I'm wearing the earrings you made and sent me!)

Not B's best picture ever (the plan was to catch him chewing his candy so seriously, but when someone called his name this is what I got instead!)

A in her elegant dress and new hair bows

Petite little E on a really big ride-on toy

Okay so I'm biased. I think E got more than her share of pictures this day.

But with such cuteness....

How to help it?!

At least it's a far cry from this picture, made last month (but with this child, could have been the last minute...let me tell you: constant exposure to glue sniffing does nothing good for the nervous system!!)

Group hug session! (They just really love hamming it up for the camera...and stalling for naptime! Well okay, they do love each other just a bit, too...)

My kids! Well okay, GOD'S kids, that I get to live with!


Gallo Pinto2 said...

E's dress is SO beautiful! Love it!

And I can't wait for hugs from all the kiddos!

Anonymous said... the one of them hugging!!