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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Late last night as I tried to get caught up on posts from the past few days (some of you are QUITE prolific, shall I say), the "new year" challenge at Octamom's blog jumped out at me. Rather than writing a list of resolutions--who needs another list, anyway?--choose a word for the year, one to guide, focus, inspire!

Or more accurately, within a few seconds of reading it, the word I imagined I should choose jumped out at me.


I went with it! I don't have much time for thought and reflection at the moment anyway, what with the "pay back" from taking a few days for travel and now with one of my right hands on her two week vacation.



Yep. That's it. (I can just hear the people who know me well breathing a sigh of relief.)

My personality and pride would much rather go with a very productive sounding word, such as the one Octamom herself expounded on so eloquently: excellence. Something to describe action!
But that's it for this year folks. REST.

I'm trying to convince myself it's actually quite Biblical. Did you know that "rest" or some form of the word ("rested") is mentioned 540 times in the New King James Version? I didn't either till just now. And the first mention is GOD HIMSELF resting, in Genesis 2:2. It's also been pointed out to me that JESUS also rested. Hm....

And so in the order in which they come to me, in 2009 I want to:

Rest in believing that God knows what is best for me this year and at this time of my life.

Rest in the fact that He has it all under control. Without my help.

Rest and stay cool, calm, and collected, even when the day gets hairy.

Rest in moments I can find to be with Him....rather than forming a "to do" list. Multiple ones. On any scrap of paper I can find.

Rest in His love for me that can satisfy every fiber of my being...if I believe that and LET Him.

Rest and RELAX rather than get so tense and tied up in knots I am a massage therapist dream client (doesn't happen to me of course, I'm just sayin').

Rest, stay focused, balanced, and calm, throughout all the changes of 2009, some huge ones right around the corner....yippee (not!).

I am even doing what was once unthinkable and actually spinning around some plans to take a mini-furlough (2-3 months) around my 5 year anniversary point of living in Bolivia. Of course, it's much easier to plan all the ways to use that time in the US and for rest of course, rather than fathoming how in the world I can be gone from the childrens' homes that long (for one I'll terriblyyyy miss the babies)... But I trust that God will make a way if it's to happen.

Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for Him. Psalm 37:7

Ummm, that was great. Wonder if it could be beneficial to have a word-of-the-month? A word-of-the-day?! Ah-hem. There I go overboard again. Rest, rest, rest....

Anyone else have a word to share?


blessedmomto7 said..., good word, I too procrastinate on rest :) Those kids are TOO CUTE-would love 2 grab2 and bring them home :)

Gallo Pinto2 said...

Great word Jen - just make sure you actually do it! Actually I was glad you went to Lake Titicaca with the family!

So when would your "furlough" be? I think it's a great idea for you - I know you would miss the kids but it is important to take a break occasionally for more than a weekend!

Oh and my word is "intentional" and I'm about to post so you can read more there if you like!

RejoicingComet said...

Oh, what a cool idea! :D OK, now I'm going to have to come up with a word and post it on my blog. My problem is that I don't "summarize" very well, so ONE WORD?! This could get interesting... :D

Jennifer Thompson said...

For those of you who shared your word, thanks! That was fun.

I'm discovering that just thinking about and planning and dreaming of extended time "off" seems to be the best medicine. To actually do it......I dunno. I need to be here the months of April and May, in Texas the month of April, here sometime while Denise is here (June--August), and in the US for three reasons in July. Sounds complicated, expensive, and tiring to me! And I can't be out of the country for more than 90 days (visa reasons).

But it sure makes me enjoy and take advantage in every way possible of being here, to think of missing all the babies and staff and volunteers, and definitely the constant activity and excitement (even if it is a little *too* constant, LOL)!